Different Worlds #02 (1979)

  • Cult of Cacodemon by Steve Perrin, page 30


  • Publisher: Chaosium
  • Editor: Tadashi Ehara
  • Associate editors: Lynn Willis, Steve Perrin, Greg Stafford
  • contributing editor: Charles Krank
  • Cover: WilIiam Church and Steve Oliff.
  • Interiors: Steve Oliff, Joseph G. Sutliff, Mel Laybourn, and Robert P. Barger.
  • Cover price: $1.75


  • Editorial By Tadashi Ehara
  • Beginner’s Brew… And You Say That This Is A Game? By Charlie Krank
  • Review of Legacy By Steve Lortz
  • Specialty Mages Part 2 By Mike Gunderloy
  • Character Name Tables By Elaine Normandy And John T. Sapienze, Jr
  • My Life And Role Playing Continued! By Steve Jackson And David A. Feldt
  • Starships & Spacemen Expansion Kit By Leonard H. Kanterman, M.D
  • Lord Of The Dice By Eric Goldberg
  • Different Worlds Presents: Arduin, Bloody Arduin By Dave Hargrave
  • The Cacodemon Cult By Steve Perrin
  • The Way Of The Gamer: Dramatic Structure Of Rpgs By Steven L. Lortz
  • A Letter From Gigi By Gigi D’Arn

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