Different Worlds #24 (1982)

Special Dwarf-Mostal Issue

Editorial (part) By Yurek Chodak

Welcome to the Special Mostal Issue. Originally, we planned to feature articles about dwarfs in different role-playing systems but somewhere along the way the Gloranthan-RuneQuest dwarfs, called Mostali, dug a pit under our plans and buried our intentions. Having found out that the Mostali are planning to take over the Universe we have published this issue’s material to expose and foil their schemes.

Some of you may wonder about the spelling of the plural form for dwarf used by us in this issue. While there are two spellings – dwarves and dwarfs – in wide use, Poul Anderson indirectly pointed out to us that while the former was introduced by J. R. R. Tolkien as an attempt to streamline the English language, the latter is still the preferred older version.

  • Dwarfs By Paul Anderson
  • Why I Dislike Mostali By Greg Stafford
  • Mostal-Dwarfs By Greg Stafford
  • Dwarf Weapons For Runequest By Steve Perrin
  • Dwarf Senses By Sandy Petersen
  • Metal Marvels: Dwarfs By John T. Sapienza, Jr.
  • Trollpak Review By Ken Rolston

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