MGP8175 Cults of Glorantha – 2nd edition (2010)

In a world where the gods are real and shape the daily lives of their adherents, cults are an everyday necessity for every culture in Glorantha. This book provides the structures, myths and modus operandi for the key human and non-human cults of the Orlanthi, Solar Pantheons, God Learners and EWF. From the barbarian cults of Prax through to the esoteric mysticism of the draconic orders; from the ancient Storm Tribe to the Saints of the Invisible God. Fully revised and compatible with RuneQuest II, Cults of the Glorantha is an indispensable RuneQuest resource.


  • Author: Lawrence Whitaker
  • Additional text: Simon Bray, Greg Stafford and Jeff Richard.
  • Editor: Charlotte Law
  • Layout and Graphic Design: Will Chapman
  • Interior Illustrations: Aneke Murillo, Jesus Garcia Lopez, Julien Tainmont-Pierrat, Rom, Jason Banditt Adams, Pedro Potier, Jordan Sheady, Miguel Regoden Harkness
  • Proofreading: Nick Robinson
  • Playtesters: Bruce Mason, Simon Bray, Ken Cabana, David Ednie
  • Special Thanks: Bruce Mason, Simon Bray, Pete Nash, Jeff Kyer, Moon Design and the Gloranthan community
  • The myth of Orlanth and Ernalda’s wedding written by Greg Stafford and reproduced with kind permission.
  • Licenced by Issaries
  • $39.99
  • Hardback, PDF
  • ISBN
  • System: MRQ2

Editions & Related Editions

MGP8105 Cults of Glorantha, Volume I2006MongooseMRQ1
MGP8120 Cults of Glorantha, Volume II2007MongooseMRQ1
MGP8175 Cults of Glorantha, 2nd edition2010MongooseMRQ2


  • Introduction
  • Cult Structure and Format
  • Magic
  • Barbarian and Nomad Cults
    • Ancestor Cult
    • Beast Spirit Cult
    • Daka Fal
    • Eiritha
    • Foundchild
    • Hearth Mother
    • Horned Man
    • Kab Tolat Solf (Teshnos / Trowjang)
    • Kargzant
    • Magasta (Ocean /Merman)
    • Ompalam
    • Pamalt
    • Storm Bull
    • Ungariant
    • Waha
  • Draconic Cults
  • Invisible God: Malkioni Sorcery Orders
  • Solar Pantheon
  • Storm Tribe
  • Index

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