Conventions & Freeforms

Conventions here are generally Glorantha focussed, Glorantha freeforms are included here as they were often specifically written for conventions. Many of these included Glorantha publications as part of their funding, booklets for freeforms and spinoff publications.

YearProduct NameDescription
1993Report on the Fall of BoldhomeConvulsion ’92 PostCon Book
1994The RuneQuest-Con CompendiumRQ-Con 1 PostCon Book
1996Proceedings in MalkionismConvulsion ’94 PostCon Book
1996The RQ-Con 2 CompendiumRQ-Con 2 PostCon Book
1996QuestlinesRQ-Con 3 Con Book
1997EnclosureGloranthaCon 5 Con Book
1998Questlines 2GloranthaCon 6 Con Book
1998Enclosure 2GloranthaCon 7 Con Book
1998GloranthaCon IV CompendiumGloranthaCon 4 PostCon Book
1998Ye Booke of TentaclesGerman RQCon IX Con Book
1998C4 AnthologyConvulsion ’98 Con Book
1999Ye Booke of Tentacles 2German RQCon X Con Book

LARPs / Freeforms

YearProduct NameDescription
1992A Rough Guide to BoldhomeGloranthan Freeform & Background
1994University of Sog City Conference GuideGloranthan Freeform & Background
1995The Broken Council GuidebookGloranthan LARP & Background
1995Heroes of WisdomGloranthan LARP & Background
1996The Greatest Tournament in the WorldGloranthan LARP & Background
1997A Rough Guide to GlamourGloranthan Freeform & Background

Conventions are grouped by country and year. RuneQuest Cons & Glorantha Cons spanned the continents and also have their own pages.

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