2015 Convention Schedule

Glorantha has been strongly supported through conventions for decades, and Moon Design Publications wants to continue that tradition. Whenever possible, we try to meet members of the tribe in person and connect or reconnect.

2015 Schedule

May 22 – 25, 2015 – EternalCon (Bacharach, Germany)

  • Attendees: Rick, Jeff, Neil

July 30 – August 2, 2015 – GenCon (Indianapolis, USA)

October – Essen Spiel (Essen, Germany)

  • Attendees: Jeff, Neil


Location: Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany

Website: www.eternal-con.de

Frequency: May or June. Annual

EternalCon is a hoot. Imaging spending a weekend in castle overlooking the Rhine with great friends and multi-lingual games. EternalCon is an annual family-friendly convention with people attending from over a dozen countries. With about 150 attendees, it is a small con where you can get to meet everyone.


Location: Schloss Neuhausen, Germany

Website: www.the-kraken.de

Frequency: August/September on even years (Biennial)

Kraken is another excellent Germany convention, but this time in the Former East Germany in a Prussian Chateau. It has about 100 attendees and focuses on being a gaming vacation. And with five days of events, they tone the pace down from other conventions.


Location: Leicester, UK


Date: July on even years (Biennial)

A big UK convention, this has held a convention with a large Gloranthan presence for nearly two decades.


Location:Indianapolis, IN, USA

Website: www.gencon.com

Date: August. Annual

The big US convention and the center of the North American gaming industry.


Location: Helsinki, Finland


Date: July, Annual

The largest gaming convention in Finland, and always home to a solid core of Gloranthan loyalists.

Other Conventions

Want to bring Glorantha to your convention? Want help running games and spreading the word? Contact us!