Last Tango in Pavis 
Copyright © 1993 by Michael O'Brien and Brian Hebert

Permission is freely given for personal gaming use.


This tournament was first played at Necronomicon III in Sydney, New South Wales in 1993, Convulsion '94 in Leicester, England and RQ Con II in San Fransisco the following year. I had loads of fun running this at conventions, especially at RQ Con II where one team (including Nick Brooke and some of the lads from Seattle/Victoria) finally dispensed with dice altogether and used beer bottle tops to determine outcomes. The more beer drunk, the more variables we added to the game! (This was also the game were we had to make up an extra PC on the fly, and made him a disgraced 79 year old Light Priest who farted in the temple or something. When Rich, the guy playing him asked what geases his character had, we all replied, "All of them!")

Like Mad Prax Beyond Sun Dome this is a very traditional pre-MGF slice-n-dice RQ tournament, featuring my favorite Gloranthans - the Sun Dome templars of Prax. Once again the lozenge's looniest baboon Melo Yelo appears, as does the amiable xenophobe Mars Melus. I guess this adventure takes place at an undefined time sometime after the events in Mad Prax, but the two scenarios are not linked in any way and can stand alone.

Trevor Ackerly, Andrew Bean, Phil Green, Tim Leask, Derek Prout

Adventure Summary
Only troublemakers get assigned to the VIIth Militia Squad at Rory's well, commonly known by their nickname "Men of Gold". The Men of Gold are mocked by a squad of Sun Dome Templars as they pass by. The Templars are escorting a salt trader to Isig's well, an oasis far out on the Praxian plains.

Later, the Men of Gold are haunted by dreams which compel them to head for Isig's Well. On the way they discover a number of strange animal corpses. They come across one of the Templars who tells that all the oasis folk are dead, and his comrades died too when they drank from the well. Soon after they find an oasis girl Teeka, who leads them to her grandfather Old Man Tree. He interprets their dreams and tells them that chaos is oozing from the well and that they must restore a warding made by Isig in mythical times to restore its purity.

After receiving items from the Cave of Ancestors, they trace the water to its source and restore the wards, passing chaos frogs and fighting off a chaos naiad. Finally they encounter Phloxx, the broo responsible. If they overcome Phloxx's strange powers and return with his horns, they receive boons and blessings from their gods.

The Adventure

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