Mad Prax - Beyond Sun Dome 
Copyright © 1991 by Michael O'Brien

(portions inspired/gratuitously ripped off from Pavis, Copyright © 1983 Chaosium Inc.)
Permission is freely given for personal gaming use.


This is a very traditional pre-MGF slice-n-dice RQ tournament that was originally played at Necronomicon III in Sydney, New South Wales in 1991.

It was kinda fun at the time, and one of the first airings of Melo Yelo, the loopy baboon who desperately wanted to join Yelmalio (and got his chance in a follow-up tournament Last Tango in Pavis). The amiable xenophobe Mars Melus also features in both tournaments.

As I said, it's kinda fun, but I'm putting it here unedited from the original despite some problems I see with it today, eg. the plot seems to be incredibly linear (but when played, fortunately the fun came out in the roleplaying rather than the storyline!).

I imagine this tournament could easily be adapted for Sun Dome player characters.

Trevor Ackerly, Phil Green, Derek Prout, Tim Leask, David Wanless

Adventure Summary
The player characters are summoned to the audience chamber of Count Solanthos Ironpike, ruler of Sun County. Now, the Sun Dome army unexpectedly departed for the village of Harpoon the night before, for reasons unknown to the PCs. Solanthos orders them to take three large gold rings to Harpoon, and await further orders. After a number of episodes along the way, the PCs arrive at Harpoon. They learn that the rings in fact are magical matrixes that fit around the hafts of the great missiles the spear-throwing machine, and that it is going to be used against a huge Giant's Cradle floating down the river. Following the orders of their Lunar overlords, the Sun Domers plan to harpoon it and drag it ashore to loot it of its magical treasures. The PCs take part in this historic assault, which is unsuccessful. However, the PCs still have their chance of winning glory...

The Adventure

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