Last Tango in Pavis 
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Part 5: Return to the Cave of Ancestors

Isig's Blessing
When the PCs emerge from the cave a light rain is falling on the oasis. The rains have come. Soon, Isig's pool will overflow, and its revitalised waters will run down Stony Creek to the River of Cradles. By restoring the cave painting, the party has saved Sun County and restored the purity of Isig's Well. The wails and moans are no longer to be heard: the souls of the oasis people can now rest.

The PCs should return the bag and flute to the Cave of Ancestors. Once the burial is niched is reopened, the items deposited and the plug resealed a blaze of brilliance fills the cavern.

Two splendid figures appear before them: a handsome man with green eyes, who carries in his hands a leafy branch, which rustles and shakes as if alive. Flowers are braided into his hair, and they seem to twist and flutter with mythic potential. With him, a splendid man in golden armour, carrying a glowing spear. Jaspar and Mars may recognise the figure as Monrogh, the Yelmalio cult's mortal founder (the appropriate response is to fall to one's knees).

They speak simultaneously:

"I am Isig of the Well", "We are Monrogh, a son of Son of the Sun."
"We thank you for what you have done. You have earned our favour."

Isig: "You have restored the purity of my well - for this you are blessed."

Monrogh: "You have saved the Lands of the Sun from a terrible blight - for this Yelmalio's face does shine upon you."

If the PCs did not bring the horns, the two apparitions vanish. Proceed to Epilogue.

If the PCs have brought Phloxx's horns with them, there is more. Isig and Monrogh bestow blessings on each character.

Peltas's Blessing

Isig: "You are a true Son of Isig, lost but found again. Return unto me, and become the High Man of this place. One day will take Teeka as your wife, and restore my Well to plenty. Old Man Tree shall guide your spirit."

Monrogh: "You are free to return to your birthright, but always welcome as a friend of the Sun Dome lands"

(If Peltas accepts, Isig hands him the leafy branch - it is Isig's Wand, the source of Isig's Fire).

Mars's Blessing

Monrogh: "You have a weakness, a vice, a secret sin, not worthy of a Sun Dome Templar." (Give Mars time to grovel in self-abasement and self-pity) "Yet you have still served us well. We shall relieve your torment, and strengthen your resolve against temptation."

Monrogh touches Mars's leg with his spear, and the ache vanishes. His resolve is strengthened by two new geases: Remain celibate every Fire season, and Never speak to or help non-Light worshippers in any way (this will keep him away from those foreign influences, such as the wicked dummy pushers).

Melo Yelo's Blessing

Monrogh: "They call you Melo Yelo. You are a lowly baboon, unfit by your bestial nature to worship at our Lord's Sun Dome or enter Yelm's mansion. Yet you have proved by your deeds that you are the equal of a Sun Dome man, and a Sun Dome man you shall become: step into Yelm's cleansing fire!"

Monrogh turns into ball of blinding flame. If Melo steps into it, the onlookers see that he is burned to a crisp. When the fire subsides, a naked human lies smouldering on the floor. It is Melo, made into a man by Yelm. The mark of the Beast rune has been scorched away (but he still retains the same personality and "animal magnetism").

"Welcome Melo Yelo of the Sun Dome. Embrace your brother, who shall adopt you into his family" (pick out the PC who Melo annoyed the most - probably Mars or Jaspar).

Promidius's Blessing

Monrogh: "Though your performance was displeasing to us at Garhound last year, your actions this day have proven pleasing to our eyes. However, you are not one made to be Templar no matter how hard you might try. Speak to the Count: he shall send you away with his blessing. Go to the Sun Temple in New Pavis. You may dance your Last Tango in Pavis before joining a caravan to the Dara Happan lands in distant Peloria. There you may study the Yelmic ballet, and learn the arts that make men civilised. But before the Count passes to the towers you must return to the Sun Dome and brighten his dotage."

Jaspar Yello's Blessing

Monrogh: "Leadership above all is what Yelmalio takes pride in, and you have shown yourself worthy. You are promoted to Light Son and will serve in the Templars."

Isig finally looks at everyone and says: "I pass my flute to Old Man Oak to hold for the remainder of his days. He must come and retrieve it. Be warned; no one else can use it without risk of great harm. I bid him to learn its power and use it to restore my lands to health. Now I rest."

He vanishes.

Monrogh stares upward and says "I return to Yelm's Heavenly Mansion".

He disappears in a flash of light.


Peltas becomes High Man of Isig's Well and spends many years restoring its richness with the help of Teeka and Old Man Tree. The oasis continues as a site where nomads and the Sun Domers trade salt.

The Men of Gold return as heroes to the Sun Dome lands and receive their just rewards.

Ok, so I had to get the bad pun in the title in somewhere, didn't I?

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