Last Tango in Pavis 
Copyright © 1993 by Michael O'Brien and Brian Hebert

Permission is freely given for personal gaming use.

The Player Characters

This tourament features 5 pregenerated player characters. If you're going to integrate into your own campaign, note that Peltas Longarm is crucial to the plot. If you don't use him, you'll need to create a background for one of your players that fits this role.

(When I ran this at RQ Con II in San Fransisco we had to invent one extra PC on the fly, so we made him a disgraced 79 year old priest, busted back to the Sun Dome militia for farting in the temple, or some such. When Rich, the guy playing him asked me what Yelmalio magic does he have, I said "all of it". When he asked what Yelmalio geases his character had, I replied "all of them!" (and we read them all out!) This made for some very amusing roleplaying!)

Jaspar Yello
A templar ready to make Light Son. Shame his Shield Push team lost to the Lunars last week in front of the Count...

Melo Yelo
A strange baboon who's convinced that the Yelmalio cult is his true calling. Make me light, brother...

Mars Melus
Your typical Sun Domer farmer - loyal and stolid; a decent racist xenophobe.

Once said to be the Count Solanthos's favorite, he's been sent to the militia to make him a man...

Peltas Longarm
Always an outsider in his own country, Peltas has just returned from two years digging salt at Pent Ridge, the County's prison.

Jaspar Yello - The would-be Rune Lord
Jaspar Yello is File Leader of the VII Sun Dome Militia, the “Men of Gold” based at the far-flung Rory’s Well. Although talented and ambitious, command of this post is considered a punitive assignment. Jaspar came to be here after the Yelm’s Boast Eagles, the Shield Push team he captained, lost badly to a Lunar team (Shield Push is martial game not unlike American Football, but with shields). Gambling is forbidden in Sun County, but it widely understood that the Count had had a heavy wager on the game and also lost a lot of prestige before the Lunar Governor. Soon after, Jaspar found himself out at Rory’s Well.

Roleplaying Notes
You’re ready for Light Son (rune lord) status, but need to prove himself before the Count again. It’s going to be difficult with the rag bag bunch of militia you’ve got to work with! The self-assurance (well, arrogance) and cockiness that you had before the big Shield Push game is beginning to return. It’s been a while since you commanded mere miltia, and you are having trouble getting them to the level of precision and cohesiveness of your Shield Push team.

Personal Connections
Mars is a loyal old stick, and well worth keeping on side. Peltas has the makings of a good Sun Domer, if his prison yard surliness can be drilled out of him. Promidius will never make the mark, and it vexes you to have such a type in your squad - if the Count ever came to inspect, what would he think (then again, didn’t Promidius used to be Solanthos’s joy-boy, that was the rumour). Melo Yelo is a pest, especially the way he follows you around and copies you. However, the priests sent him out here, and you can’t afford to cross the priests at the moment!

Responsibilities of the Sun County People’s Militia

Jaspar Yello
Initiate of Yelmalio. Human male. Age 27

STR 10 
CON 14 
SIZ 12 
INT 17 
POW 16 
DEX 13 
APP 15 

Move: 3 
Hit Points: 13 
Magic Points: 16 + 8 
DEX sr 2 + SIZ sr 1 = 3 
Dodge = 44%

19-20 Head 20 8/5 
16-18 L.Arm 18-19 4/4 
13-15 R.Arm 16-17 4/4 
12 Chest 11-15 4/6 
09-11 Guts 07-10 4/5 
05-08 L.Leg 04-06 0/5 
01-04 R..Leg 01-03 0/5

Travelling Gear: Cuirboilli and Linen Armour on all locations except legs, plate helmet. Spear, hoplite shield, 3 javelins.

Javelin SR-3/9 (1d8+1d2) A-81%
1H Spear SR-5 A-85% (1d8+1+1d4) Parry (10) -40%
Hoplite Shield SR-7 A-30% (1d6+1d4) Parry (18) -69%

Spirit Magic (90%): Heal 4, Multimissile 1, Light (1), Lantern 1, Protection 2, 

Skills: Jump 62%; Swim 56%, Climb 55%, First Aid 63%, Listen 90%, Scan 50%, Hide 41%, Sneak 48%, Search 91%, Cult Lore 52%.

Languages: Pavic 62/26, Firespeech 23/--, Trade 12/--. 

Yelmalio Gifts and Geases: Raised INT, Wear no armour on legs, never eat meat on Fireday.

Special Items: Gold (what else) brooch shaped like a griffin has two gems for eyes. One is a magic crystal that stores 8 magic points.

Melo Yelo - The Devout Baboon
“Melo Yelo” is one really strange baboon. His baboon name is Garzeek, but the Sun Domers started calling him “Melo Yelo” and the name has stuck. Melo was drawn in from the Wastes by the glittering reflection of the Sun Dome temple’s golden roof, and became an instant believer.

After hanging around the Sun Dome for several years, the racist priests finally relented and let Melo become an “honorary initiate”. This means very little, but the baboon is certain the cult of Yelmalio is his true calling.

As a symbol of his earnestness, Melo is completely shaven and his skin is dyed bright yellow. He knows a few stock phrases of Firespeech, like “Shine, Son-Worshipper”, “Dome Above!” and “Make me light, Brother”.

Roleplaying Notes
You’re like all baboons, man: laid-back and c-o-o-l (think of a Rastafarian and you’ll get the picture). And you got rhythm, bro’ (except when you’re trying to walk on only your back legs).

What these humans get up to is pretty weird sometimes, but you figure if you just imitate what they do, you’ll look like a good Sun Domer too. You know that Yelmalio forces them to obey all kinds of strange rules - like only eating birdmeat but not eggs, and being kind to horses (this is a real shame, ‘cos you love to eat horse) - so you’d better find out what these rules are and follow them too. Getting into this militia unit was really great, and the leader, whose got the same last name as you!, is obviously the epitome of what being a Sun Domer is all about. Try and do what he does.

You’re pretty handy with your teeth, but Sun Domers don’t bite so you’ve gotta remember to use your spear (you sometimes forget in the thick of a fight). Sun Domers don’t go around on all fours either, so try your best to stay on your back legs or perhaps on threes.

You really want to do something to impress those Sun Dome priests, so they’ll let you become a Yelmalio for real. The painting yourself yellow trick didn’t work, so what next?

Personal Connections
Getting into this militia unit was really great, and the leader, (whose got the same last name as you), is obviously the epitome of what being a Sun Domer is all about. Try and do what he does. The old man Mars is another good one to follow, even though he doesn’t like you much. The other two are learners like you, but you might even have a thing or two you can teach them.
Melo Yelo
"Honourary Initiate" of Yelmalio (lay member), Male baboon. Age 27.

STR 22
CON 13
SIZ 12
INT 12
POW 15
DEX 21
APP 04 

Move: 5 (all fours), 3 (on three legs), 1 (on hind legs) 
Fatigue: 35 
Hit Points: 13 
Magic Points: 15 
DEX sr 1 + SIZ sr 2 = 3 
Dodge 68% (-ENC) = 64%

17-20 Head 19-20 1/4 
14-16 L.F.Leg 17-18 1/3 
11-13 R.F.Leg 15-16 1/3 
08-10 ForeQ 10-14 1/5 
05-07 HindQ 05-09 2/5 
03-04 L.R.Leg 03-04 1/3 
01-02 R.R.Leg 01-02 1/3

Travelling Gear: Total Encumbrance = 4. Fatigue = 31 (35 -4). Leather skirt. 2-handed spear and gladius.

2H Spear SR-4 (1d10+1+1d6) A-60% Parry (10) -52%
Gladius SR-5 A-32% (1d6+1d6) Parry (10) -27%
Javelin SR-1/5/9 (1d8+1d3) A-52%
Sling SR-1 (1d8+1d3) A-43%

Spirit Magic (85%): Protection-2, Ironclaw-2, Light (1), Disrupt (1), Mobility-2, Slow-1.

Skills: Climb 106%, Jump 76%, Swim 56%, Listen 57%, Scan 46%, Track 71%, Hide 75%, Sneak 77%, Baboon Lore 23%, Human Lore 08%, Yelmalio Cult Lore 05%.

Languages: Baboon 33/--, Praxian 33/66 (knot-writing), Pavic 19/--, Firespeech 03/--. 

Yelmalio Geas: Never eat the meat of horses (note: horse meat is a great baboon delicacy, dammit!)

Equipment: Leather pouch contains 2 days supply of "baboon" food - nuts, berries, roots and a large, skinned water rat. Melo's spear has a strap attached to the shaft, so it can be slung if he wants to run on all fours.

Mars Melus - The Staunch Sun Domer

Mars is your typical Sun County farmer - stoic and loyal, maybe lacking a bit in humour, but an honest, decent fellow all the same, who works hard and loves his family - his dear wife Karla, and the kids; Haloric, the eldest (a boy, thank Yelmalio!) and the three girls, Kerin, Erryn and little Aleese. If he grumbles a lot, it usually only about the weather, and farmers everywhere grumble about the weather. Mars has a small holding just outside the settlement of Yelm’s Griddle, where he grows barley and hops.

Roleplaying Notes
You epitomize all the Sun County virtues and faults. If you’re unfriendly and distrustful of outsiders, it’s only because they’re impure and perverted, and not worthy of living in the Lands of the Sun. As for non-humans (such as baboons), they’re little more than animals, and should be treated as such. As a loyal militiaman, gifted with mastery of the bow by Yelmalio, you are ready to obey the commands of those placed above you, but you owe it to your family to stay alive and healthy. Fortunately, the really dangerous jobs are given to the Sun Dome Templars, not mere militiamen such as yourself. Nevertheless, fighting and warfare is a man’s job, to defend the womenfolk and children from harm.

Mars is a secret Hazia addict. Mars has a slight limp and chronic pain in his right knee, thanks to a bout of Malia’s Shakes last year. A friend suggested he try a new type of pipeweed to relieve the pain, and before long, Mars realised to his horror that he was addicted to the illegal narcotic, known colloquially as “dummy”. He hopes to wean himself off Hazia during his militia service with the Men of Gold, but all the constant patrolling aggravates his gammy leg. His addiction shames him, and doesn’t want to return to his family until he’s sorted himself out.

Hazia is cultivated illegally in plots deep in the barley fields of Sun County. The leaves are dried and smoked. It is a mild euphoric and is addictive. The Sun Dome authorities consider it a great evil, and a corrupting influence. Punishment for growers and traffickers is severe (eg. hanging or death by fire), while smokers are often given a righteous admonitary beating.

Personal Connections
Jaspar is tries to be everything a good leader should be, but why does he allow animals in the squad? The two young fellows need a good dose of Sun Dome discipline - you can see Peltas one day proud to join the muster, but you’ve got your doubts about Promidius. He might be the Count’s favourite and all that, but he ain’t really got what it takes. Peltas deserves your encouragement; Promidius, your scorn. He if can’t the heat, he should go back to his mother’s kitchen!
Mars Melus
Initiate of Yelmalio. Human male. Age 38. 

STR 14 
CON 16 
SIZ 12 
INT 14 
POW 11 
DEX 12 
APP 08 

Move: 3 
Fatigue: 30 
Hit Points: 14 
Magic Points: 11 
DEX sr 3 + SIZ sr 2 = 5 
Dodge: 50% (-ENC) = 37% 

19-20 Head 20 4/5 
16-18 L.A. 18-19 1/4 
13-15 R.A. 16-17 1/4 
12 Chest 11-15 1/6 
09-11 Abdm 07-10 1/5 
05-08 L.L 04-06 1/5 
01-04 R.L 01-03 1/5

Travelling Gear: Total Encumbrance = 17. Fatigue = 13 (30 - 17). Linen armour on all locations, cuirboilli helmet. Spear, hoplite shield, self bow and quiver of 30 arrows, 3 javelins (belong to Yelanda). 

1H Spear SR-7 A-44% (1d8+1+1d4) Parry (10) -37%
Hoplite Shield SR-7 A-19% (1d6+1d4) Parry (18) -46%
Javelin SR-3/9 (1d8+1d2) A-42%
Self Bow SR-3/9 (1d6+1) A-94%

Spirit Magic: Heal-1, Bladesharp-1, Light-1.

Divine Magic (one-use): Catseye x1, Sunbright x1.

Skills: Jump 46%; Swim 16% (-ENC), First Aid 34%, Listen 57%, Scan 43%, Hide 31%, Sneak 27%, Plant Lore 21%, Craft Wood 43%, Farming 59%, Human Lore 31%.

Languages: Pavic 31/--. 

Yelmalio Gifts and Geases: Mastery (90%) of self bow; Never seek shelter from Storm, Never flee or surrender to any Darkness creatures (eg. Trolls), Never eat any meat but bird meat.

Special Items: "Lucky" shadowcat paw charm - halves the wearer's chance of fumbling; two pipesful of Hazia - where are you going to get any more?

Promidius - the Graceful Dancer

Young Promidius was the official Yelmalio contestant at the Garhound Contest last year. This is a special contest held during the Harvest festival at the market town of Garhound. Contestants compete in a number of events - a horse race, a drinking contest, wrestling, etc. - and the winner marries the Harvest Queen. Promidius lost. Although once the favourite of the Count, he’s been sent to the Sun County equivalent of Coventry - Rory’s Well. That’ll make him a man...

Roleplaying Notes
When Count Solanthos’s favourite, Promidius affected the haughty arrogance of a Sun Lord, but he has come down a long way in the world since then. The son of a Chalana arroy nurse, Promidius is gentle, sensitive soul, with poetic grace and manners. He took as his Yelmalio gift increased skill in dance, and it was his Yelmic ballet that won the heart and soul of the Count (in a purely platonic sense - the Count has a restrictive geas that prevents that sort of thing). Promidius is entirely unsuited to life as miltiaman or soldier. He hates the dirt, the dust and the grime, the lack of decent food and table manners, and not only sharing the barracks with common folk, but a baboon as well! When goaded by Jaspar, he tries his best, but his best never seems to be good enough!

When roleplaying Promidius, think of Tim Brooke-Taylor in The Goodies, or young Pike in Dad’s Army.

Personal Connections
You feel you have absolutely nothing in common with your comrades, except maybe Jaspar, who aspires to bigger and better things too. Like you, he seems to be out of favour. Mars is a common dirt farmer, with no wit and no manners. Peltas is a common criminal, and born on the wrong side of blanket too, you suspect. Still, you sometimes have to admire his surly manner in front of Jaspar and the others. Your attempts to be cool like him just made everyone laugh. Melo is a dirty beast, quite literally, but it secretly shames you to know that he might one day be a better Yelmalian than you’ll ever be.
Initiate of Yelmalio. Human male. Age 17 

STR 09 
CON 17 
SIZ 15 
INT 12 
POW 18 
DEX 15 
APP 18

Move: 3 
Hit Points: 16 
Magic Points: 18 
DEX sr 2 + SIZ sr 1 = 3 
Dodge = 28%

19-20 Head 20 4/6 
16-18 L.Arm 18-19 1/5 
13-15 R.Arm 16-17 1/5 
12 Chest 11-15 1/8 
09-11 Guts 07-10 1/6 
05-08 L.Leg 04-06 1/6 
01-04 R.Leg 01-03 1/6

Travelling Gear: Linen Armour on all locations, cuirboilli helmet. Spear, hoplite shield, 3 javelins.

Javelin SR-3/9 (1d8+1d2) A-41%
1H Spear SR-5 A-35% (1d8+1+1d4) Parry (10) -30%
Hoplite Shield SR-7 A-30% (1d6+1d4) Parry (18) -70%

Spirit Magic (90%): Light (1), Detect Gold (1), Farsee 1, Lantern 1, Coordination 1 (reduces SR by 1), Repair 1, Disrupt (1).

Skills: Jump 32%; Swim 16%, Climb 65%, First Aid 13%, Listen 47%, Scan 40%, Hide 61%, Sneak 38%, Animal Lore 11%, Ride 35%, Dance 66%, Cult Lore 12%.

Languages: Pavic 32/16, Firespeech 03/--. 

Yelmalio Gifts and Geases: Raised Dance; Speak only "truth".

Special Items: Special poultice, worn around neck, protects against colds, chills and other ailment (+1 to CON rolls) - a gift from Mum.

Peltas Longarm - The Outcast

Peltas feels like an outsider in his own country - and in many ways he is. Adopted into a kind Sun County family, the origins of himself and his sister are obscure. Unlike most Sun Domers who are fair-skinned, with blonde hair and brown eyes, Peltas has an olive complexion and rich green eyes. Although treated with kindness by his elderly adoptive parents, Peltas and sister had a difficult time with the other Sun Dome children in their small village. This brought them closer together. When he was 11, his sister succumbed to the plague of Malia’s Blue Pox which was raging in the county. Lost without her, Peltas began a slide into anti-social behaviour which ended up with him being sent to the Count’s salt mines at Pent Ridge out in Vulture’s County. He has just finished a two year sentence as punishment for various petty crimes - stealing, taking our Yelmic Lord’s name in vain, urinating in public, insubordination and so on. His heartbroken adoptive father arranged for Peltas to be sent out to Rory’s Well for a spell in the militia in the hope it will straighten him out.

Roleplaying Notes
After two years digging out salt under the whip, you project an image of being hard and tough. This hard labour almost broke you though, and you are only beginning to recover physically. Actually, the life of a miltiaman ain’t bad, if a little boring - haven’t had a chance to arrest anyone yet! It sill rankles you a bit to follow orders, but at least Jaspar seems to know what he’s on about. You’re still looking to find your place in the world, and beginning to wonder if perhaps Sun County isn’t the place you’ll find it. Unfortunately, you know very little about the world beyond, but are eager to find out.

Personal Connections
Jaspar’s one of these ambitious types, whose always gotta make sure he comes out of anything smelling like roses. Mars is a surly old bugger, and was probably the sort of kid who teased you mercilessly when you were a kid. You suspect he’s smoking dummy on the quiet - he sometimes has that look about him that you learnt about out at Pent Ridge. Promidius is just a mama’s boy, Yelm knows how he ended up here. Jaspar comes down hard on him, even when he tries his hardest. Sometimes you can’t help feeling sorry for him, as he has that same look on his face your sister had when she was copping it from the other kids... Melo is great fun to have around, if only for the aggravation it gives to old Mars. It also secretly pleases you to have someone around whose even more foreign looking than you are.
Peltas Longarm
Initiate of Yelmalio. Human male. Age 27

STR 17 
CON 09 
SIZ 14 
INT 16 
POW 10 
DEX 11 
APP 09 

Move: 3 
Hit Points: 12 
Magic Points: 10 
DEX sr 2 + SIZ sr 1 = 3 
Dodge = 34% 

19-20 Head 20 4/4 
16-18 L.Arm 18-19 1/3 
13-15 R.Arm 16-17 4/3 
12 Chest 11-15 1/5 
09-11 Guts 07-10 1/4 
05-08 L.Leg 04-06 1/4 
01-04 R..Leg 01-03 1/4

Travelling Gear: Linen Armour on all locations. Cuirboilli helmet. Spear, hoplite shield, 3 javelins.

Javelin SR-3/9 (1d8+1d2) A-41%
1H Spear SR-5 A-45% (1d8+1+1d4) Parry (10) -40%
Hoplite Shield SR-7 A-19% (1d6+1d4) Parry (18) -46%
Fist SR-8 A-66% (1d3+1d4) Parry (arm) -57%

Spirit Magic (90%): Heal 2, Lantern 1, Bladesharp 1

Skills: Jump 42%; Swim 19%, Climb 75%, First Aid 33%, Listen 30%, Scan 30%, Hide 11%, Sneak 17%, Search 31%, Mineral Lore 33%, Cult Lore 02%.

Languages: Pavic 36/--, Trade 16/-, River 22/--, Lunar 20/--. 

Yelmalio Gifts and Geases: Gift of Languages, never use any axe.

Special Items: Tattoo on right arm is enchanted to provide 3 AP. Incomplete enchantment tattoo on left arm. 


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