Given that we have a good foot or more of snow on the ground, now is a good time to talk about Valind within the context of Orlanthi society.

Valind is the God of Winter, and his cult is associated with Orlanth Adventurous, providing Snow. The cults of Valind and Orlanth are friendly and associated, even if the gods often brawled. There are often shrines to Valind in Orlanth’s mountain temples in Dragon Pass.

Valind is not socially useful or powerful – but he does serve as a minor war god and his cult can propitiate the forces of winter. His few initiates in Dragon Pass live on mountains where it is winter all year long.

Valind’s cult is Friendly towards the Lightbringers, Mastakos, Odayla, Rathor, Uleria, Xentha, Xiola Umbar, and Zorak Zoran and associated with Orlanth, Inora, Himile, Storm Bull, and Ygg. Everyone else is Neutral or worse.And he really hates the Red Goddess.

Is Vadrus still worshiped? No. He has no cult. Vadrus was destroyed during the Gods War by the forces of Chaos. As a result, he can be encountered in the God Time, but he cannot manifest in Time.

What about Inora of the Glacier (the White Princess of Prax) and source of the drepnir heroquest? Inora. She’s in the Cults Book. Orlanth’s half-sister and Associated with both Orlanth and Valind.


The goddess of Mountain Snow is the half-sister of Orlanth. When they met on the Hill of Gold, Orlanth gave her the Mountain Wind as her servant, and in return, received the right to be unhindered by her in the high mountains. She provides Snow to Thunderous initiates.