The Far Place


There are about 31,000 permanent residents in the area centered on Alda-Chur, including the Dinacoli, Princeros, Tovtaros, and Vantaros tribes. This area, called the Far Place, speaks Tarshite but has had close economic and political ties to Sartar since the foundation of the Principality, and joined the Principality shortly after the Battle of Grizzly Peak.

The ten largest cults in the Far Place are:

  • 5825 Ernalda
  • 5300 Orlanth
  • 1700 Yelmalio
  • 1600 Seven Mothers
  • 600 Engizi or Heler
  • 520 Storm Bull
  • 500 Humakt
  • 470 Issaries
  • 435 Maran Gor
  • 380 Daka Fal

Given the proximity to snake pipe hollow I’d expect more Storm bulls. There is a high turnover of Storm Bull cultists – and many are not residents. It is not uncommon for bands of Pol-Joni Storm Bull cultists with their Praxian allies to come to Snakepipe Hollow to fight Chaos.

And given that Storm Bull hates the Red Goddess as much as Orlanth does, imagine the consternation caused when a band of 100+ mounted Storm Bull cultists show up on a sacred quest to hunt and destroy Chaos. Can’t act against them – Storm Bull is beloved for keeping Chaos out of the Far Place – but can’t really allow them to stay. The local population supports them because the Storm Bull cultists really do fight Chaos. And no matter how crude, violent, and bullying the Storm Bull cultists are, everyone in the Far Place knows that broo are far worse.

Clans around Alda-Chur
Dinacoli clans

Of the 1700 Yelmalio cultists, 1400 of them are either in Alda-Chur or among the Vantaros tribe. These do not include Alone.

So how, you might ask, could 1700 Yelmalio cultists dominate a tribal confederation with 5300 Orlanth cultists? Three things:

  1. The Yelmalio cult was more centrally organized, with Harvar able to gain their support and defeat foes piecemeal.
  2. Harvar had strong Lunar support. Money, mercenaries, you name it.
  3. His rule was pretty tenuous once you got outside of Alda-Chur and the Vantaros tribal lands. The other tribes paid tribute and stayed out of trouble.

That seems like like a lot of Daka Fal? Ancestor worship is common in most societies, the Orlanthi are no exception.