Yelmalio cultists numbers


There are about as many Yelmalio cultists in Sartar as there are in Praxian Sun County. And about twice as many in Tarsh or among the Praxian tribes as there are in either Sartar or Praxian Sun County.

The Dragon Pass Sun County is part of Sartar for these purposes.

Praxian Yelmalions?

Mob says:

There are Yelmalio worshippers out in the various tribes too (esp the Impalas), almost as many in fact as the sedentary farmers in the Cradle Valley. The Nomad Yelmalions have a slightly different form of the cult with only Light Sons and no temple structure per se. The nomad Yelmalions come at certain predetermined days to worship at the Great Sun Dome of Mo Boaustra. Such an event is going to feature in the next round of Gloranthan fiction I’ve got percolating in my head, which will follow on from the Great Winter saga I was posting daily a few months ago.

I quite deliberately made a distinction between the Praxian Sun County (which Mob just posted a picture of) and the Yelmalion cult among the Praxian tribes. There’s more Yelmalio cultists among just the Impala Tribe as there are in the lands described in that book.

How about the Grazelands? No, they have Yelm.

I am using the same homelands as the RQG book – Sartar, Tarsh, Tarsh Exiles, etc. In all of Dragon Pass there are about 18,000 Yelmalio cult members. That’s:

  • 6000 in the Sartar homeland (largely concentrated around the Sun Dome, Alda-Chur, and Boldhome).
  • 12000 in Tarsh
  • Negligible numbers elsewhere.
  • In the River of Cradles there are about 4500 Yelmalio cult members, with about
  • 4000 in Sun County and
  • 500 in Pavis County.

For comparison, in all of Dragon Pass, there are about 111,930 Ernalda cultists, 85,000 Orlanth cultists, and 66,500 Seven Mothers cultists.

There’s about 3700 or so Issaries cultists. Yelmalio is about 5% of the population, Issaries about 3%.

There are about 8700 settlers in and around Alone. About 2000 Orlanth cultists, 2000 Ernalda cultists, and about 300 Yelmalio cultists. 275 Maran Gor, 250 Humakt cultists, and about 130 of each of the other Lightbringers.