The distrust of Kallyr Starbrow


One thing that is hard for some people to really grasp is how controversial and distrusted Kallyr was by many tribal leaders as Prince (and before).

The distrust of Kallyr goes back to before Starbrow’s Rebellion. Kallyr was widely viewed by many tribal leaders as an ambitious Kheldon tribal leader who happens to have enough of Sartar’s blood to make a bid for Prince. Even worse was the performance of Starbrow’s Rebellion of 1613 – which resulted in deep resentments among many of the tribal noble families.

Kallyr definitely pushed the revolt in 1613 (it is called Starbrow’s Rebellion after all), and forced the hands of the other tribal leaders. The other leaders knew the rebellion was doomed before it began – its early success was a surprised to them (and paradoxically meant they had to support it). There were no plans for next steps or how a liberated Sartar would survive the inevitable Lunar counteroffensive (remember, this was the Lunar Empire in 1613, before war, invasions, and dragons had reduced its military resources).

As a result of the rebellion, many thousands were killed, and the tribal leaders of the Colymar were exiled. The Colymar leaders particulary distrust her – Kallai and Beneva Chan were already in exile (as were Erenava Chan and others). Kallai, along with other Colymar exiles, died defending Whitewall from the Lunar Army. Other Colymar exiles fought in the siege of Nochet. This distrust of Kallyr Starbrow extends to many other tribal leaders. The Culbrea and Malani also shared the Colymar distrust, and blamed her for the Rebellion’s failure.

Kallyr became Prince in Darkness Season 1625, after successfully liberating Boldhome and defeating a Lunar counteroffensive at Dangerford. That gave her the respect of many common Sartarites, but the tribal leaders still distrust her (and fear she has no plan to deal with the Lunar Empire’s response). That distrust, dislike, and fear drives her decision to undertake the Lightbringers Quest that Sacred Time.