Licensed Products

You can purchase Gloranthan and HeroQuest products directly from our licensees. Here are the links for the products not directly available from us. Once you have supported us, please support them too and spread the word of Glorantha.

Computer games

King of Dragon Pass

King of Dragon Pass is an award-winning computer game set in Dragon Pass some centuries before the Hero Wars. The current version is available for iOS and Android with the previous versions for MacOS and Windows available through the A-Sharp website.

Six Ages

Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind, the spiritual successor to King of Dragon Pass, combines interactive fiction and turn-based strategy to immerse you in a hostile, blood-soaked land governed by myth and cursed with wonders. Uncover the secrets of the valley, battle ancient enemies, and meet the gods, all while protecting your people and raiding your neighbors’ cows. Hundreds of scenes unfurl, accompanied by gorgeous artwork and backed by a clan simulation that makes every game unique. You’ll be faced with hard choices, but you’ll get advice to follow or ignore — although your advisors have their own agendas.

Published by A Sharp

Role Playing games

Gloranthan Adventures cover

Gloranthan Adventures

Each issue of Gloranthan Adventures  is a  collection of HeroQuest adventures. Each book is designed for people new to Glorantha, has complete setting info and pre-generated characters so you can pick up and play.

Published by D101 Games

Nameless Streets

Nameless Streets is a game of mysteries and the paranormal beings who investigate them. Powered by the flexible and dynamic HeroQuest game system, players take on such roles as a famous vampire detective, his werewolf muscle, and the necromancer who helps to solve murders.

Available at Alephtar Games and Cubicle7.

Mythic Russia cover
Mythic Russia

Heroic roleplaying in a mythical medieval Russia. You can get the main book and the Birchbark Chronicles supplements.

Published by Firebird Productions


Hearts in Glorantha cover
Hearts in Glorantha

A licensed fanzine for Glorantha, which covers both the 2nd Age and 3rd Age of Glorantha. Aims to produce a diverse set of articles in each issue, written by fans old and new of the setting. The emphasis being on material usable in game.

Published by D101 Games


And now for the official bit: Tradetalk is an amateur magazine dedicated to the world of Glorantha, its role-playing games HeroQuest and RuneQuest, and all related games. All contents of this magazine are contributed by fans of these games.

Published by the RuneQuest Gesellschaft e.V. aka The Chaos Society, a non-profit fan association

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