Alephtar Games (2007-)

Founded in 2007,

ALG001 Stupor Mundi (2007)

Roleplaying in the world of Frederick II Hohenstaufen

Stupor Mundi is a history-based, accurate setting that allows you to interact with real European history without giving up the magic flavour that makes Fantasy Roleplaying so attractive. Become a Knight Templar or a Dominican Inquisitor, a Saracen Raider or a Venetian Sailor. Learn Astrology and Sorcery fromthe Holy Roman Emperor’s court wizard. Join the only Crusade in real history that allows you to choose whether the Sultan is your friend or your enemy!

Requires MGP8100 RuneQuest 1st edition (2006) & MGP8104 RuneQuest Companion (2006)

  • 1st edition 2007 MRQ1
  • 2nd edition 2014 RQ6

ALG002 Hounds of Adranos (2008)

  • MRQ1 Stupor Mundi supplement PDF only

Kidnapping in Al-Halisa (2008)

  • 1st edition MRQ1 Stupor Mundi scenario PDF only
  • 2nd edition BRP

Merrie England (2009)

  • 1st edition 2009 MRQ1
  • 2nd edition BRP
  • Merrie England: The Age of Eleanor (2009)
  • ALG0302 3rd edition 2017 Revolution

ALG5803 Nameless Streets (2011)

A Supernatural Noir Game

Nameless Streets is a game of mysteries and the paranormal beings who investigate them. Powered
by the flexible and dynamic HeroQuest game system, players take on such roles as a famous vampire
detective, his werewolf muscle, and the necromancer who helps to solve murders. Set amidst the narrow, rain-soaked streets of Portland, Oregon, Nameless Streets handles classic mysteries, like the Locked Room, and more esoteric struggles with equal ease. You might locate a missing person one week, and get caught in the
crossfire between warring sorcerer guilds the next.

Requires ISS2001 HeroQuest Core Rules (2009)

  • HQ2 supplement

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