6 – Argrath the Man

Characters: Argrath

Death and the Lunars

Argrath’s father was a professional warrior of the Colymar tribe who was killed by the Lunars during their successful invasion of Sartar in 1602. The Lunar army invaded the Kingdom of Sartar with great success, although at a very high cost thanks to defenders like Argrath’s father. Argrath was only three years old at the time.
Argrath’s mother was a huntress, killed by the Lunars in 1606, when Argrath was only seven years old. Her mother, Argrath’s grandmother, was an Earth priestess who could command the mighty Earthshakers. She was descended from the House of Sartar.
After the conquest of Sartar, the Lunars assassinated all the members of the House of Sartar they could identify. It is widely rumored by the Sartarites that was why the Lunars killed Argrath’s parents, but Lunar records are silent on the matter.
Argrath’s initiation was in 1610, around the time of the Lunar conquest of Prax.


Kalin Kadiev – I am glad everyone’s enjoying finding the little details. But here’s a question – how many of you saw the tiny Monster Man leading a column of stray souls and other dead things away from the broken sun disk on last week’s page? Look at page 4 again too, there was a clue as to what will happen next if you look at the big central panel.

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