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We at Moon Design Publishing are proud to announce that our eight current titles in the Stafford Library are available for purchase at

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Wait? I said all eight current titles. You are correct. Rick, our layout wizard, has performed his magic and gotten both Arcane Lore and The Entekosiad out of the archives ready for both PDF download and on-Demand printing.

… and who knows. A few other long-lost titles may appear.

Arcane Lore

Arcane Lore reveals a vast treasure trove about Heroquesting. Collected from almost 30 years of questing, this book explores the philosophy, mechanics, and practice of Heroquesting from a multitude of viewpoints and angles. Although much of the material was written for the old RuneQuest game, and other parts were used in the development of Hero Wars and HeroQuest, all of it is useful in understanding heroquesting and developing your own Heroquests.

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The Entekosiad

The Entekosiad is a collection of stories told by a person who went seeking Entekos, the Pelandan goddess of the atmosphere who rains blessings down upon mortals. Valare Addi was the seeker, who mistook her goddess Teelo Estara to be the same as Entekos. She lost her life seeking the truth, but with the help of the goddess she returned from death and became a famous Lunar Saint. She is the discoverer of Chronoportation, an important Lunar secret of the Hero Wars.

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