Sea 1605: Moot

Introduction: In our game the heroes participated in a blood vengeance raid on Liek’s Stead following the attack on Brightwater. This began a cycle of feud with the Split Waters. The outline of subsequent events at the Sea Season Moot is only contains a portion of the one that I used in our game. By this point we had a number of individual stories developing, and the moot was an opportunity to weave some of the threads together. Most of the heroes had done enough to be invited to the Sword Day feast at the chief’s hall. Many of those tailored plot developments are omitted because they would be out of context. To use this material you will need to add events that focus on your own heroes goals and troubles.

The blood feud with the Split Waters sets the rhythm of life on the border. The ‘Sons of Hahlgrim’ raid spilt Split Waters blood at Eoric’s stead, took blood vengeance for Red Cow dead. Now weaponthanes ride regular patrol, waiting for the Split Waters raid that must come. On the Split Waters tula Liek’s Stead buries its dead; the line of Liek Great-Wind is broken. Enastara the Red has promised a ’red day, a sword day.’ Babessa the Merciless has said that ‘no wergild, no compensation’ can settle this. Everyone is tired from being constantly on alert. Brightwater and Sevenoaks are billeted with warriors, straining everyone. Steadwives kiss husbands and sons goodbye each morning not knowing if they will return. Everyone on the border is looking forward to the Sea Season Moot after the tension of the past few weeks.

Not everyone attends the end of Sea Season celebrations at Red Cow. The Orlanthi men go to worship on Sword Day, but the women and ‘other-ways’ stay behind to run the steads. The godi hold a small service for them there. Clansfolk go to the moot if they are interested in the issues being raised. When people want to sway the moot by having their supporters present to clash their spears and shields (or cooking pots and utensils), the biggest hurdle is turning out their support. Most people can rely on their family and their clients but if people are not motivated by the issues it is your reputation as a ‘ring-giver’ that will encourage people to turn up and vote for you. The steads tends to send their reeves and crafters to the market to trade, but everyone wants to see the ‘fun of the fair’ and it is usually up to elders who should go in any given year.

Scene 1: The Moot Feast

Setting: Fire Night, Disorder Week, Sea Season 1605. Clouds race overhead as a strong wind buffets the stead, making it unseasonably cold. It is an Empty Moon day but the cloud obscures the red wound.

Introduction: Valenstor puts a feast on the night before the Moot. He hopes to win support in the coming votes. There are too many guests for the chieftain’s hall and Valenstor has thrown open the doors to the king’s hall to accommodate his guests. Many marvel at his generosity; one or two suggest that the generous sacrificial offerings were in need of eating so as not to offend Orlanth. The clan ring is here, the inner ring seated alongside the chieftain and the hearthmistress in their high seats along the high table. Here too are guests from afar, traders, entertainers from Captain Dashwood’s Traveling Show, and even the Jomes Hostralos and Estavia LarUnn. Many of the deals that are revealed at the Moot in the morning will be struck here tonight.

Peace Weaver

Valenstor, Redalanora, and Estavia ask one of the heroes to help try to broker a settlement with the Split Waters. The clan mood is against a settlement. Valenstor feels he would hand Ivartha the chieftainship if he were to publicly oppose it, but if someone else were to negotiate a settlement then when the clan weary of the feud he would be ideally placed to present it. Estavia promises Lunar help in negotiating a settlement and offers to the hero to Jarolar Keep in Fire Season, promising the protection of the Lunar caravan.

Under the Red Moon

Redalanora, the dishthane intends to join the Provincial Church, having come to the message of the goddess ‘much as Maklan the Fat and Good once did’.

Broddi Strong-kin, Kallyna Bread-Woman, Tonalandar Staff-Struck, and Desrada Copper-Kettle approach one or more of the heroes. Kallyna gifts him or her (perhaps a fine broach or a fine necklace of amber and silver worth 1 wealth if cemented) ‘Word has reached me of the promise that you show in difficult times. I would very much like to have you as a friend. I am sure the gossip has reached you, she has turned to the Lunar way. We do not believe that she can continue with that path and hold the sacred position of dishthane.” Desrada, who holds not love for the Empire, nods her vigorous assent. Broddi speaks “We would campaign for Kallyna here, who I am sure you have noticed today does a fine job preparing these feasts, but also manages the clan’s food supplies, to take her job. I intend to speak at the moot tomorrow in favor of Kallyna. We would like your support. I am prepared to offer you a cattle loan from my own herd, to ensure your support. We must stop the Moon from controlling our clan, lest we become like the Maboder”.

Eoric’s Stead

Briga Swan-Neck is to raise the issue of Eoric’s Stead.Hahlgrim Far-Walker and Briga Swan-Neck are offering cattle-loans to those who support them in calling for resettlement, and is Redalanora Table-Turn for those who oppose the resettlement.[see below]

Peace Weaving

Unstana Peace-Weaver is looking for people to support her call for peace. She is offering cattle loans to supporters who will speak for peace with her. Griselda Raven-Black and Salissa Three-Husbands are offering cattle loans to those who will vote with them for war. They do not ask for people to speak, but will welcome it if they ask to. [see below]

Scene 2: The Moot

Setting: Fire Day, Disorder Week, Sea Season 1605, Empty Half Moon. Yesterday’s wind has fallen off and it is warmer but still cloudy. A couple of short showers break out during the day. It is an Empty Moon day but the cloud obscures the red wound.

Introduction: Over the course of the day people begin filing into Red Cow. Some go to the boothies, and run a tarpaulin over the stone walls to provide shelter. Most have goods to trade at the Tribal Market tomorrow. Crowds begin to gather, exchanging gossip. The moot begins toward mid-day and everyone gathers in the auditorium to hear the ritual recitation of a third of the law by Minaryn the Deep. The Moot is the time when anyone who has a dispute with their neighbors can bring it before the chieftain, if they can find a juror to bring their case for them.

Briga Swan-Neck calls for the resettlement of Eoric’s Stead

“We mourn our sister Kullina Golden-Tresses. The quick owe a debt to the dead. Eoric’s Stead must rise from the ashes. Yet everyone who has tried has been driven away but the unquiet dead who haunt those ruins each night. This will continue to be so until we learn what the dead require of us. Many ambitious young people seek new lands. Now is the time for the clan to decide – do we return to EoricStead.

There are voices raised against: Redalanora Table-Turn: We are in a blood with the Split Waters, who burnt the stead down once, because it was too hard to defend. Now is not the time. Unstana Peace-Weaver: This will aggravate the Split Waters further who claim that EoricStead lies on land that traditionally belongs to them. The fate of EoricStead must be part of any negotiated settlement with the Split Waters

There are voices for: Hahlgrim Far-Walker: Our dead cry out for vengeance. Their ghosts still roam unsettled. How can we continue to sleep while our kin can never know rest without our help? We must find out what it takes to liberate their souls. Darna Longcoat: We must defend our dead and take back what is ours or our neighbors will take it from us. The kingdom of Sartar is no more. The royal house is dead or fled. We are the tribes of the Quivini again. Our neighbors will offer us no more goodwill than they did in the past. We must show our strength – to rebuild will help us do that.

Do the players speak? How will they vote?

Unstana calls for peace

The Clan Moot provides the chance for everyone to have their say on important issues. Unstana Peace-Weaver demands that Valenstor keep to his word and allow the clan to vote on the Split Waters tribute. She wants to negotiate a settlement that will end the feud against the Split Waters – perhaps a Wolf Tax to help keep the Telmori penned in. The patriarchs of the bloodlines gather their support to oppose her. They have strong support on the ring: Griselda Raven-Black and Salissa Three-Husbands support them. Valenstor announced a feud, but Broddi Strong-Kin and Darna Longcoat has yet to come down in favor of one side or the other. Mabar Bear-Cloak and Randalyar Tutor-To-Heroes feel, are focused on the growing restlessness of the Telmori. Some feel they may be swayed to end the feud to gather strength against the wolfmen. Clan gossips say that Ivartha the Skinner, who contends for the chieftaincy, does so with Randalyar’s backing and will lead the clan against the wolfmen.

Do the players speak? How will they vote?


Valenstor grants Estavia LarUnn the chance to speak to the moot, though Desrada Coppet-Kettle mocks him for this. Estavia speaks in the Lunar Way: I am Estavia LarUnn and I am the missionary of the Provincial Church and a priestess of Queen Deezola. I come from near Dunstop and my foremothers lived like you, as people of the Storm.

My first memory is of watching my grandmother spin, when I wondered what fate would be woven for me.

My akindling was when I saw my kin starve in the harsh winter.

I was sevened when I took the Both Eyes Open Rite.

We are all us. So tells the Goddess. So it is right that we share what we have with those around us who suffer. To those who have little, we would give more. To any who will come to hear us speak tomorrow, on the day of the Full Moon, we will gift a white linen shirt. To those who convert to follow the Provincial Church, we will give a cattle loan. Many of you know that Redalanora has turned to the goddess. Today I would like her to stand up here with me along with Bolik Minarynson and Jistirra the Teacher. The last announcement causes shock and outrage. Soratoros Twice-Outlawed leaps to his feet. ‘How could you shame me so? I’ll see to you when you get home’ Jistirra slips behind Estavia.

Everyone knows that Sorators and Jistirra’s marriage, which seals the peace with the Six Stones, hangs by a thread. If they divorce then there could be trouble…Do any of the heroes try to smooth troubled waters.

Scene 3: The Market

Setting: Wild Day, Disorder Week, Sea Season 1605, Full Moon. It is warm with clearer skies. The Full Moon hangs menacingly in the sky.

Introduction: In Sea Season the tribal market is held at Red Cow. The Sea Season market is the time when everyone trades the goods crafted in halls and workshops in the long winter months: fine cloth and tapestries, metalwork and jewelry, wood, antler and soapstone carvings. Most households try to trade their surplus for things they will need in the coming year. Clansfolk throng from across the Cinsina to swell Red Cow Fort, attracting merchants from afar. Market stalls carry luxuries from other clans and tribes and even further – Tarsh, Heortland, Esrolia, and the Grazelands. On sale is bronze-work including household implements, farming tools, clothing accessories like pins and broaches, and weapons. There is pottery including Esrolian green ware and glassware along with Tarshite pottery of the Lunar style. There are also hard to come by necessities of life like herbs, spices, and salt from the south of Sartar. Then there are pure luxuries like candies and other confectionaries. Entertainers are here too. Some are Red Cow Skovaran puppeteers and story tellers, but in addition Captain Dashwood’s Traveling Show is here[See Masters of Luck and Death]. The chief has offered hospitality to Seddig of Bagnot who watches over the entertainers; Baranor the Swift has traveled up and down the Heort Creek in Tarkalus’s boat, entertaining everyone with his fire-breathing and advertising the ‘greatest show on Glorantha’.The Lunars have put on entertainment too, with puppet-shows for the children, and mystery plays..

White Shirt Day

A number of people turn up to collect their white linen shirts [1 wealth if cemented] and listen to the priestess speak. Most are poor cottars or stickpickers who have just come to collect the shirt, hear the words and move on. Desrada Copper-Kettle and her sons are there. if people try to go in they say “We will remember that you turned to the Moon this day”. This puts some people off, but others just turn away and say “What are you offering to help us hear your words Desrada apart from your ale”. Kirnan Night-Walker comes down to move Desrada and her sons on “The chief has allowed this, as Maklan did before hime Desrada, do not insult his hospitality”. Desrada agrees, we know who they are now anyway

This meeting provides a chance for anyone who wants it to join the Seven Mothers [HeroQuest p.112] or just to gain a Mythology of Seven Mothers ability [if they pay the Hero Points]

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