Tatou 1 (1988)

Tatou #1

The editorial on page 5 mentions how this magazine is a continuation of the previous “Broos” magazine, which was entirely dedicated to RuneQuest. The name change represents a change in the contents which will be dedicated, from now on, to other Oriflam games, namely Stormbringer, Hawkmoon, MultiMondes, and Tank Leader (in addition to RuneQuest of course).

Table of Contents

  • RuneQuest
    • Plains of Prax (p6)
    • The Lunar Invader (p8)
    • Cults of Dragon Pass (p10)
    • Trail of the Broos (p14)
    • Preliminary Experience (p19)
    • Sartar and Prax (p24)
    • The Aldryami (p26)
  • MultiMondes
    • Stars… (p30)
  • Hawkmoon
    • Rule Granbritannia (p32)
  • Stormbringer
    • The Dukes of Chaos (p34)
    • The Marshes of Madness (p42)
  • Tank Leader

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