Roots of Glorantha (2007, 2015)

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This is a collection of seventeen volumes of Greg Stafford’s ORIGINAL Glorantha stories from the 1960s and early 1970s. These are the first stories about Glorantha Greg wrote and they established many of the basic foundations of the setting, especially the West. Scattered throughout the text are hand drawn maps, timelines, and genealogies. Two versions have been published, the first in 2007 as 16 individual volumes and in 2015 as 6 combined volumes plus an extra volume called the GreGarth Atlas Special edition.

The 2015 version was only available as part of the Seven Mothers / Lightbringers pledge: MoLaD reward level, plus the ultimate 15 volume “Roots of Glorantha” series of unpublished Gloranthan monographs written by Greg Stafford. Each printed volume is approximate 100 pages in length. Originally you got to pick your favorite 7 Mother or Lightbringer for the cover, but was published using colour plates from the Guide.

The 2007 individual volumes are:

The 2007 individual volumes

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