Roots of Glorantha: Book XVII The Book of Jonat (2007)

AKA – Jonat’s Saga. A copy of Jonat’s Saga was also dated 1992.

The materials of this book are not the last written, but these are the latest, chronologically in Glorantha. I don’t recall precisely when these were done, but it was after I had started to get bored with the strict plodding forward movement of reign after reign. I yearned to create more variety.

This one is set during the Closing. It contains some pretty archaic ideas, such as Jonat having brought the bow and arrow and agriculture to Fronela. The nature of those innovations—of the culture hero—indicate to me that these were writing in my time at Beloit College while I was stuffing my head with information about mythology.

Greg Stafford 2007


  • Characters in the Saga of Jonat
  • Seshneg at time of Jonat
  • Map of Fronela
  • The Gods Worshipped by Jonat
  • Diagrim of gods
  • Map of the West
  • Text

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