ISS1606 Gloranthan Classics Vol II: Griffin Mountain (2001)

  • Griffin Mountain By Paul Jaquays, Rudy Kraft, and Greg Stafford
  • Product Number ISS1606/ MOOZ200 in softcover, ISS1607 in hardcover & PDF
  • ISBN ?.
  • Moon Design 2001
  • Price $40 (softcover), $60 (hardcover)

Griffin Mountain is 256 pages (plus 12 pages of player handouts on the citadels, inns, and the like) of the legendary land of Balazar, plus the dangerous Elder Wilds to the north. Some of the new stuff we’ve added include magazine articles about Balazaring clans written by Rudy and Paul, a large section on running Gloranthan campaigns by Greg Stafford, over 30 new pieces of art, and several pages of designer’s notes. We even added in a few of the new bits that were in Griffin Island, like Granny Keeneye and the maps of the major Inns in the three Citadels. A lifetime of campaigns. Latest revision: 26 Mar 2003.

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