ISS1604 Gloranthan Classics Vol I: Pavis & Big Rubble (1999)

  • Pavis & Big Rubble by Steve Perrin, Greg Stafford and others
  • Product Number ISS1604/MOOZ100 in Hardback & Softback & PDF
  • ISBN ?.
  • Price $45 (softcover)
  • Moon Design 1999

Pavis & Big Rubble is an updated and reformatted 316 page reprint of ALL of the information from the two original boxed sets organized together. Additional material on the Sun Dragon cult, plus 35 additional new pieces of art specifically commissioned for the book are also included. Rediscover the Puzzle Canal, Kakstan’s Art Museum, Balastor’s Barracks, the Devil’s Playground, and Ogre Island. Adventure once more in the greatest roleplaying city ever written. Journey along on the epic Cradle scenario!
Latest revision: 15 May 2003

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