MGP8105 Cults of Glorantha, Volume I (2006)

The cults dedicated to Glorantha’s deities are among the oldest and most powerful institutions in the world. Contained in this book are the secret lore and powers known only to the most ardent worshippers of the gods, whether they are the faithful warriors battling in the Storm King’s image for the cause of good, or vicious, uncivilised trolls emulating the evils of Zorak Zoran in the name of personal power.

In the Second Age, the Gods War is a distant time legend and myth, but the divine warriors that shed their blood so long ago now thrive on the Respect and dedication of montal followers. Cults of Glorantha: Volume 1 opens the way for players to join their cults of choice and rise through the ranks fRom mere believers to Runelords and Rune Priests, going to war and adventuring across the world in the name of their goo – calling down holy power and honouring the pantheon with grand deeds.
Cults of Glorantha: Volume 1 contains over 50 divine cults and 150 new divine spells to use in your Glomantha: The Second Age games.


  • Author: Jeff Kyer
  • Editor: Richard Ford
  • Cover Art: Tony Parker
  • Cover Design: Bob Cram, Dan Howard & Jeff Koch
  • RuneQuest Logo: Anne Stokes
  • Proofreading: Ron Bedison
  • Interior Illustrations: Ryan Horvath, Kythera of Anevern, Rhonda Libbey, Slawomir Maniak, Javier Charro Martinez, Sean Parnell, Pascal Quidault, Chad Sergesketter
  • Publications Manager: Ian Belcher
  • Production Director: Alexander Fennell
  • Special Thanks: Aaron Dembski-Bowden & Greg Stafford
  • Licenced by Issaries
  • $24.95
  • Hardback, PDF
  • ISBN 1-905471-29-7
  • System: MRQ1

Editions & Related Editions

MGP8105 Cults of Glorantha, Volume I2006MongooseMRQ1
MGP8120Cults of Glorantha, Volume II2007MongooseMRQ1
MGP8175Cults of Glorantha, 2nd edition2010MongooseMRQ2


  • Credits & Contents
  • Introduction
  • Magic & Religion
  • Divine Cults
    • Argan Argar
    • Babeester Gor
    • Barntar
    • Buserian
    • Chalana Arroy
    • Dendara
    • Donadar
    • Elmal
    • Erissa
    • Ernalda
    • Gorgorma
    • Heler
    • Humakt
    • Issaries
    • Kab Tolat Solf
    • Lankor Mhy
    • Lodril
    • Lokarnos
    • Magasta
    • Maran Gor
    • Orlanth
    • Oslira
    • Shargash
    • Star Bear
    • Triolina
    • Tsankth
    • Ty Kora Tek
    • Uleria
    • Urox
    • Urvairinus
    • Valind
    • Wachaza
    • Xiola Umbar
    • Yelm
    • Yelmalio Tharkantus
    • Yigg
    • Zorak Zoran
  • Divine Spells
    • New Skills
  • No Index

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