ISS1104 Narrator’s Book – Corrections (2001)

Updated: 31 July 2001

Page 1Cover design by Eric Vogt
Page 31Crossing the Barriers: Any Victory allows the Other Side to materialize. On Ties, Marginal and Minor defeats the Other Side does not materialize. Major and Complete defeats are as stated in the book.
Page 49The “Tie” result should be “X” instead of “0” for the Thunder Oak station in the Carryover chart.
Page 124Change “may” to “will” in the sentence “They may also use their combat fetish…”.
Page 104Second line of second paragraph. “If thay can capture a loan victim,” should probably be “If they can capture a lone victim,”.
Page 126Change “handicap” to “penalty” in the sentence “Losers must remain with the majority of the group or suffer a -3 handicap due to nervousness.”.
Page 128The runes g, 0, q, k, and 2 are not the runes at the bottom of the page. The appropriate runes are:      (Darkness, Death, Destruction, Beast, Motion)
Page 129Change the reference from Loskalm to Ralios in the sentence “Secret: These beastmen from Loskalm…”.
Page 140Abilities used to resist Zhorada’s feats need not be magical, and do not necessarily suffer improvisational penalties (though they still may at the narrator’s discretion).
Page 140The standard Improvisational Modifier is –3, not –5. The listed feats should have their Ability ratings modified: Lord of Darkness 10, Lord of the Fourth Hell 18, Lord of Monsters 20.
Page 146(1D20) is used to indicate a random number of people between 1 and 20.
Page 158“…Alien World modifier (see page XX)” reference should be Page 32.

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