Gloranthan Adventures 2: Red Sun Rising (2015)

A complete mini-campaign set in the Lunar Dara Happan city of Serris, a tough independent city which lies in the shadow of the Red Moon.

Although written for HeroQuest it has converstion guidelines for RuneQuest.

  • Players Guide to the city of Serris
  • Narrators guide(Secrets & Reoccurring NPCs)
  • Background Generation: Your Family
  • Adventure 1: Escorting the Goddess
  • Adventure 2: Sandcastles and Gladiators
  • Adventure 3: Archec’s tomb
  • Adventure 4: Last Seen in Vastar

What does this book contain?
Heroes of the Red Sun
These are the player characters of the story. They are members of the Five Trees of Bounty, low level Nobles and Freemen and women who the Patriarch for political reasons has allowed to join the Lunar Way.  This chapter is for the players. It contains quick guidance on how to generate characters and basic information about the city, its culture and the Lunar religion. All in a very quick digestible format that even newcomers can easily pick up on.

The rest of this book is primarily aimed at the Narrator.

Mythology and History
This chapter details first details the mythical events that happened in the Godtime and then some of the historical events of the city. A rough timeline of the city is also given.

The City Guide
This chapter details the city of Serris, a minor Dara Happan city in an out of the way part of the Lunar heartlands that is the base for the first three adventures.#

Cast List
A grouping of all the major recurring non-player characters in one place for ease of reference during play, and as a primer before reading the Episodes.

The Adventures

Escorting the Goddess (1620ST)
The heroes escort a Lunar friend to her marriage in a Solar Household, who belongs to the Boat of the Silver Hind association. This does not go without incident. As well as acting as the players’ introduction to the gods and goddesses of the Lunar way, the players also meet in passing characters that are later to play a more integral part in the epic.

The Death of the Heir (1621ST)
Yanis, the heir of the Five Trees of Bounty Association, dies while on a tour of the Barbarian Wastes of Prax. During the period of mourning, the enemies of the Five Trees of Bounty take advantage, and come up with a horrific scheme to discredit the favoured of Yelm. Can the heroes solve the mystery and expose the scheme, preserving their Association’s honour and status?

Achec’s Tomb (1624ST)
In the maze of legal cases brought by the Five Trees of Bounty’s rival associations, after Yanis’ death, is a case to move the tomb of Achec. This tomb looks over the Great Market in the Old City and reputably the spirit of Achec helps the city’s merchants deal with outside barbarians. The Seven Nights of Glory makes its move by putting forward the proposal that the tomb should be moved to the New Market in Moonie town. Can the players successfully put forward a case for the tomb to stay where it is? Can they discover the secret of the tomb?

Last Seen in Pavis (1625ST)
Yanis, the heir that is presumed dead is reported seen alive in the barbarian city of Pavis. Dodging agents of the Seven Nights of Glory, the Heroes must make their way to the furthest corner of the Lunar Empire and find out the truth of the matter. Question is will they like what they find?

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