Gold-Gotti – Wolf Pirate & Wilmskirk


As I have said many times, I feel no desire to have materials I wrote for the HeroQuest line restrict what we do with RuneQuest. Since I wrote Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes and Sartar Companion much of Greg’s original work on Sartar and Dragon Pass has been returned after being lost since the early 1990s. Among that was material explaining who Gold-Gotti (and the other units in WBRM/Dragon Pass) is supposed to be.

As we all know, Gold-Gotti was originally a unit in WBRM. Greg though Gold-Gotti had a cool Viking-esque sound to it and so it became the example of a Wolf Pirate unit (the Wolf Pirates were mentioned in the short descriptions of Harrek the Berserk and Gunda the Guilty) and received a full description in the original Armies and Enemies document (which was lost since the early 1990s).When I was writing the Sartar Kingdom of Heroes book, I used the name Gold-Gotti for an Issaries merchant prince in Wilmskirk. Greg couldn’t recall what the original character was supposed to be (and we were desperately trying to get something out to revive Glorantha, which was dying at the time). But a few years later, a Good Samaritan found and returned Greg’s boxes of original manuscripts lost since the 1990s (that had never been scanned in for obvious reasons). Tons of Pure Gloranthan Gold, and that is what we are using for RQ.

Wilmskirk’s biggest player at the present time is Vamastal Greyskin, who is the king of the Balmyr tribe and city rex. One of his chief allies is King Enstalos of the Balmyr.One of the most important Missing People in Wilmskirk is the former city rex Garaystar Flatnose, who has been in exile since 1613.

A forthcoming book provides lots of information on Wilmskirk and many different ways to approach it.