Broadview Inn & Quivin Mountains


Is there something special about the Broadview Inn?

Broadview Inn

This stone building is high up on Ternveka Mountain at 2,100 meters elevation. It serves as a shelter and “inn” for Orlanthi pilgrims traveling to the shrine on Quivin Mountain, and was built and maintained by the princes of Sartar. It has a small shrine to Orlanth Adventurous.

Quivin Mountains

This small mountain range consists of thirteen steep-sided peaks above 2,000 meters and incised by deep valleys. The highest peak is Quivin Mountain at 3,120 meters, and sacred to the Orlanth cult. Nearer to the Colymar lands are Wild Mountain (2,210 meters) and Hareva Mountain (2,560 meters). Above 2,500 meters or so there is usually snow and ice year-round. The tree line is around 1,750 meters.High upon the mountain are caves and tunnels which have been used as treasure troves or hidey-holes throughout the centuries. Small groups of bandits, outlaws, rebels, and madmen may be found there. It is also home to an assortment of wind and snow spirits. A few large predators, including wyrms and ice crawlers, feed on mountain goats, marmots, and the occasional mountain climber.

Quivin Peak

The sacred mountain of the Sartarites, Quivin Peak stands approximately 3,120 meters high. It is snow-capped year-round and the peak is flanked with glaciers. The son of Kero Fin and Lodril, he is a half-brother of Orlanth, and is a plutonic mass of granite that emerged from the surrounding limestone in the Gods War. He offers wise counsel and support to Orlanth. The top of the peak is sacred to Orlanth Thunderous. From there it is thought to be possible to leap to the realm of the gods.

The peak of Quivin Mountain IS a shrine.