Argrath’s Iconography


One thing we likely do not play around with enough is the iconography of Argrath’s adventures from 1621-1624. In Teshnos, he defeated elephants by cutting off their noses. He took the Emerald Frog from Teleos, and gained the friendship of the Purple People. In Flanch he was betrayed and trapped by the “eating trees” but survived and had his vengeance for their treachery. In Laskal, he helped Harrek against the Bat Hsunchen. Argrath was one of those who found the Iron City in Jrustela, and helped plunder Noloswal. And many more adventures as well.

I wonder if perhaps Argrath might sometimes be identified with an elephant helmet like Alexander or similar representations of his adventures in fantastic faraway lands.

Among his strangest adventures must have been against the Pujaleg Bat People. Argrath aided Harrek in defeating them, and the White Bear established himself as the ruler of Banamba aka Laskal.

In Pithdaros, Argrath even reportedly aided Hunralki, a powerful shaman from Jolar.

Like Conan, I imagine Argrath speaks at least a smattering in a LOT of languages.

A guess would include:

  • Sartarite
  • Stormspeech
  • Tradetalk
  • Spirit Speech
  • Praxian
  • Yggite
  • Old Pavic
  • Auld Wyrmish
  • New Pelorian
  • Teshnite
  • Banamban
  • Teleon
  • Seshnelan
  • Esrolian
  • A few others might include:Flanchite & Doraddi

That’s a heck of lot of languages.