Is everyone forgetting the existence of the hate everyone clan – i.e vadrus’s group – by definition Uz are more accepting.

1. The children of Vadrus actually ended up serving Orlanth in one capacity or another. They were the destructive storm, but Orlanth is the King of Storms and can make them serve his purpose. Even Gagarthi have to provide assistance to Orlanth initiates and priests if properly demanded and the price is paid! And Valind and Ygg are associated cult with Orlanth. Which means that if you can work with Orlanth, you can usually find a way to deal with Gagarth, Valind, and Ygg (admittedly Gagarth is usually the most difficult, but you can at find a way least sic him on your enemies).

2. Vadrus is gone, destroyed by Chaos. He has no cult and cannot be contacted. Maybe he never even existed?

3. The children of Vadrus are like the Maruts who served Indra. Violent, aggressive, destructive, and terrifying, they nonetheless can be bent to Indra’s will and serve as a troop of war companions.