Theyalan Terms for Rulers


I recently reposted the Pelorian terms for rulers, and realized it might be useful to repost the Theyalan terms. So here it is again!

  • Chief Theyalan. Literally means “Great One; Most Important; Big Man” and denotes the leader of a kinship group or other community (such as a temple). The most common Theyalan title and sometimes transliterated as “Lord”.
  • Thane Theyalan. Literally means “Martial Companion,” this denotes a member of the Orlanthi martial aristocracy. Often transliterated as “Lord”.
  • King Theyalan.
    • (1) Literally means “Martial Leader of the Assembly” or “Martial Leader of the Council”. Typically denotes the leader of a tribe or a group of tribes with a combined martial and sacral role. Sometimes denotes the leader of city-state (see also, City Rex and Queen below).
    • (2) Husband or consort of a ruling queen.
  • Rex Theyalan. Literally means “(Divinely-sanctioned) Leader.” Denotes the incarnation of Orlanth Rex. Often synonymous with King or Prince, but not always. See also City Rex.
  • City Rex Theyalan. Literally means “City (Divinely-sanctioned) Leader.” This title denotes the leader of a city council or assembly, who typically has a variety of martial and executive responsibilities.
  • Prince Theyalan. Literally means “First; Foremost.” Denotes the ruler of a confederation of tribes or cities.
  • Queen Theyalan.
    • (1) Feminine of the title “king”.
    • (2) Wife or consort of a king.
    • (3) Transliteration of a title that literally mean “Great Mother”; Denotes the head of an Ernalda temple or priestess-ruler of an Esrolian city or group of cities.
  • God-King Theyalan. Title for the divine Ruler of the Sixths of the Holy Country.