Safelster is a fascinating area, both familiar and very different. Some 2.9 million people are within 100 km of Lake Felster, which itself is about 200 km long. The area is densely populated, with an overall average density of 21 per square km. However, it gets closer to 80 per sq. km near the lake and lower the further away you go.Lake Felster is somewhat smaller than Lake Ontario, just to get a feel for it.Rokari, Orlanthi, Old Gods, Stygians, and numerous other Malkioni sects and heresies all can be found here. There are trolls and elves, but few dwarfs. The Lunar Empire is nowhere to be seen, but an ascendent Kingdom of Seshnela aspires to hegemonic power.

Argan Argar Atlas map by Colin Driver

Politically, there area is divided among more than a dozen autonomous or semi-autonomous city-states. Most are more populous than Sartar. In the Third Age many hegemons have momentarily unified Safelster:

  • 1100 – Kingdom of Jorstland
  • 1240 – New Dangim Alliance
  • 1325 – Nedurant
  • 1350 – Estali
  • 1400 – New Dangim Alliance
  • 1455 – Kingdom of Seshnela

Since 1515, no power has been able to dominate Safelster, although many have tried and failed, most recently the Duchess of Sentanos with her Proven Appearance of Arkat. Many fear the alliance between Kustria and Galin is a new attempt to dominate the region.

So you can imagine this area as something politically like the Italian city-states in the Late Medieval or Renaissance eras.