Pick a Tribe


The tribal information presented here helps you quickly get some of the most important characteristics of that tribe as a tribe.

Pick one of the tribes from the following list or let the players decide which tribe they want. The default Tribe is the Colymar tribe, which are fully described in the RuneQuest Adventures Book.

TribeSizeResourcesUrban/RuralOther Notes
AmadVery SmallPoorRural Alone tribe, very isolated, Tarshite speakers
Aranwyth AverageWealthyUrbanSwenstown tribe, Neutral during rebellion, hate werewolves
BachadSmallAverageUrbanAlone tribe, Tarshite speakers
BalkothSmallWealthyUrbanSwenstown tribe, Trade with Praxians
BalmyrLargeRichUrbanWilmskirk tribe, half-mad heroquesting king
Cinsina LargeRichUrbanJonstown Tribe, hate werewolves
COLYMARVery LargeRichRural Oldest and largest tribe, Argrath’s tribe. Default tribe.
CulbreaSmallWealthyRural First to rebel against the Lunar Occupation, hate werewolves
DundealosLargePoorRural Were exiled by Lunar Empire, associated with Praxian Pol-Joni tribe
KheldonSmallVery RichUrbanBoldhome tribe, Kallyr’s tribe
KultainAverageAverageRural Disbanded by the Lunar Empire, recently reformed.
Lismelder SmallPoorRural Duck friends
LocaemAverageAverageRural Leaderless
MalaniLargeAverageRural Jonstown tribe, Humakti kings
SambariAverageWealthyRural Wilmskirk tribe
TorkaniAverageAverageRural Troll friends, hate werewolves
TresSmallPoorRural Alone tribe, Tarshite speakers
  • Size: A small tribe has 4000 or less members, a large tribe has 8000 or more. The larger a tribe is, the more militia it can muster in war.
  • Resources: This measures the resources available to the tribal leaders, usually wealth or livestock. The ruler of a rich tribe might maintain a royal household with companions, priests, numerous bodyguards, and scribes. In contrast, ruler of a poor tribe might be nearly indistinguishable from a clan chieftain or even a wealthy farmer.
  • Urban/Rural: Urban tribes have a strong townsfolk presence, possibly even forming a majority of the tribe members. Rural tribes are predominantly traditional Sartarite tribespeople. Rural tribes can be part of a city.