Argrath History To 1627


Some fragments from a document Greg and I put together, which might interest some of you. It is part of the RQ Campaign.

  • Born on Starfire Ridge to the Colymar Tribe
  • Maniski killed in fall of Sartar
  • Yanioth killed (by Telmori?)
  • Initiated to Orlanth
  • Outlawed from Starfire Ridge
  • Made slave among Bison Riders
  • Discovered White Bull, founded secret society
  • Became Wind Lord of Orlanth, gained a draconic entity as an allied spirit Adopted name Garrath Sharpsword and resided in New Pavis Quest of the Drinking Giant’s Cauldron
  • Giant’s Cradle
  • Met Harrek
  • Circumnavigated the World, many adventures
  • Battle of Pennel Ford
  • Was lover of Queen Samastina
  • Left for Prax, gathered White Bull society and summoned Jaldon Goldentooth Liberated Pavis
  • Liberated Corflu
  • Defeated at Hender’s Ruins
  • Founded first Magical Union, gained Dragon Teeth
  • Defeated Lunar Army in Far Place, liberated Alda-Chur Became Prince of Sartar
Early Argrath concept art WIP by Anna Orlova

When we were writing this, we looked at the early years of Alexander and Napoleon Bonaparte, – Argrath’s manic activities seem pretty reasonable in comparison!

But Argrath has the farthest to travel in order to become a peer of the likes of the Red Emperor, Gunda the Guilty, Beat-Pot, or Sir Ethilirist.

Pretty good going from a kid on the Starfire Ridge to becoming one of these four chits!

Dragon Pass counters, clockwise Argrath, Harrek the Berserk, Dragontooth Runners, Gunda the Guilty