Kyger Litor Cult Compatibility table


People often forget that the cult of Kyger Litor is hostile to all of these cults:

  • ALL the Seven Lightbringers (including Chalana Arroy)
  • ALL the Lunar cults (except the Red Goddess who is an Enemy, Yara Aranis who is Neutral, and Jakaleel and Annilla who are Friendly)
  • Aldrya
  • Basmol
  • Caladra and Aurelion
  • Dayzatar
  • Flamal
  • Lodril
  • Lokarnos
  • Lowfires
  • Ourania
  • Polaris
  • Pralor
  • Rathor
  • Shargash
  • Telmor
  • Yelm
  • Yelmalio
  • Yelorna

Her enemies are

  • the gods of Chaos (all of them)
  • the Red Goddess
  • Mostal.

Kyger Litor is Neutral towards Humakt.

So as far as the Mother of Trolls is concerned, Orlanth is as bad as Aldrya, Yelm, Yelmalio and the Seven Mothers. But she will cooperate with any of those against Chaos (which includes the Red Goddess). Of course afterwards, she will likely to devour her erstwhile allies, so you take your risk.

So smart Lunars try to approach Kyger Litor through Jakaleel or Annilla if possible. Smart Orlanthi try to approach her through Ernalda or Humakt (who are Neutral) – or Argan Argar or Storm Bull (who are Friendly).

I could imagine a duelling group of delegates to the Castle of Lead – a Lunar group with Blue Moon cultists and an Orlanthi group of Storm Bulls and Earth Priestesses. Both have about the same chance of success (unless the Lunars are dumb enough to hail the Red Goddess).

And of course, those ancient Mistress Race Trolls don’t give a damn about human politics.

Mistress race trolls? Ancient immortal things lurking in the Darkness bearing Godtime grudges against everything that harmed them in the Hurtplace (including everything that drove them here). Hungry, hostile, patient, and very powerful. They are demons and you should be terrified of them. They make the Antediluvians in Vampire look like a bunch of newbies. Many look down on Cragspider as a mere parvenu. And the dark trolls? Little better than trollkin. Let that sink in.

The point is that the dominant troll cult dislikes most everyone who is not a Darkness cult.

I think it is reasonable that most cultures consider the trolls nearly as bad as Chaos.

Argan Argar does not see everything as food. Most things are “useful tools”. But Argan Argar always was the most forward looking of the troll gods.

To compare, Orlanth’s list of Hostile cults is:

  • ALL Lunar Cults (except the Red Goddess who is an Enemy)
  • Basmol
  • Bloody Tusk
  • Dayzatar
  • Gagarth
  • Magasta
  • Mostal
  • Ourania
  • Shargash
  • Wachaza
  • Yelorna
  • Zorak Zoran

Orlanth’s Enemies are:

  • All Chaos Cults

Note that even though Kyger Litor is Hostile to Orlanth, he’s Neutral towards her. As he is towards Yelm and Yelmalio.

I find it amusing to think that Storm Bull cultists make the best emissaries from an Orlanth cult point of view.

Orlanth is actually friendly with Polaris! He’s hostile towards Yelorna because her cult is relentlessly hostile towards the Orlanth cult (and the Storm Bull cult). He’s hostile towards Dayzatar and Ourania because even more than Yelm, those cults represent the unchanging Sky.