Les Erudits de l’Ambigu #2 (2001)

This French fanzine was probably published in 2001 or 2002.

It features a mix of translations from anglophone fanzines, and original content.

Table of Contents

  • Edito, Sommaire, Credits
  • Le clan Marthiord (Martin Laurie, Patrik Sandberg, Ingo Tschinke, Julian Lord)
    • Ancetres et histoire
    • Histoire du clan
    • Clan Marthiord: Hero Wars
  • Visions des Erudits: Les meteores (Gregory Privat)
  • Scenario: La catapulte (Philippe Fenot, Benjamin Norest, Julian Lord)
  • La forge (Philippe Fenot, Jeff Jyer, Julian Lord, Benjamin Norest)
    • Les forgerons
    • Gustbran le forgeron
  • Danold, episode 2 (Orso Vesperini, Alexis Santucci)
  • Le marche Praxien (Julian Lord, Nicolas Perpere, Philippe Fenot)
    • Doh Garzin, le marcheur
    • Scenario: Terre Impure
  • Chronique des Gwandors (Wesley Quadros)

Art Credits

  • Cover: David Lihard
  • Interior: David Lihard, Jimmy Almen

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