RuneQuest & Mythras

Only one of The Design Mechanism’s products was Gloranthan. The rest are included here for completeness.

TDM RuneQuest Rulebook 6th Edition (2012)

456 pages 6th Edition. Softback, PDF & limited edition Hardback. Re-released as Mythras.

The Taskan Empire (2015)

Based in the world of Thennla for RQ6

TDM300 Shores of Korantia (2014)

RQ6 Based in the world of Thennla, first introduced in Age of Treason: The Iron Simulacrum

TDM300P Shores of Korantia PDF

Ships & Shield Walls (2014)

RQ6 Rules for using sea-going vessels and a set of semi-abstract mechanics for staging large battles

Sariniya’s Curse (2014)

RQ6 An introductory module for the RuneQuest 6

RuneQuest Firearms (2012)


RuneQuest Essentials 6th Ed (2014)

RQ 6th Edition. Softback & PDF

The Phoenix (2015)

by Darvin Martin PDF. The winner of Design Mechanism’s RQ competition to create a phoenix

TDM200 Mythic Britain (2014)

Alternative Earth RQ6 364 pages Lawrence Whitaker & Pete Nash. A complete sourcebook for adventuring in Britain’s Dark Ages

TDM200c Mythic Britain Companion (2015)

Alternative Earth RQ6 22 pages Lawrence Whitaker & Pete Nash A PDF-only companion to Mythic Britain, featuring four full-colour maps (23″ × 32″ at full size) and additional content

TDM102 Monster Island (2013)

RQ6 Loral Island

TDM102P Monster Island PDF

TDM102a Monster Island Companion (2013)


TDMHES Hessaret’s Treasure (2013)

RuneQuest 6th Edition scenario set in The Realm

Game Master’s Pack (2012)

RQ6 Contains two scenarios and numerous playaids for RQ GMs.

RuneQuest 6th ed. Character Sheet (2012)

DRQ6 PDF. Also a fillable version

Caravan (2012)

RQ6 PDF only. A preview and teaser for the Book of Quests. A complete scenario

TDM101 Book of Quests (2013)

RQ6 , Book and a preview PDF available

TDM101P Book of Quests PDF

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