Dragon Pass – Battalia Clarifications (1983)

Originally published in Dragon Pass, Avalon Hill edition (1983) by Chaosium, Inc

Battalia Clarifications

  1. The Barbarian Horde is part of the Sartar battalia.
  2. The Sylphs are the Wind Children’s physical agent.
  3. The asterisk in the Red Emperor’s MgF is a misprint and should be ignored.
  4. The Twin Stars are ancient Lunar heroes who were instrumental in defending Glamour (the Lunar capital) and the Crater from powerful enemies early in the Empire’s history. As a reward for their services they were granted immortality and the opportunity to return to life manifest in temporary bodies capable of housing their awesome energies.
              The Twin Stars are not a part of the Lunar battles at the beginning of the game. They only appear if the Random Events option is being used and then only if Random Event 42 occurs. While on the board they are treated as a Lunar unit. If Random Event 42 is rolled while the Twin Stars are already on the board nothing happens. If Random Event 42 is rolled after the Twin Stars have been eliminated they can reappear provided that the Temple of the Reaching Moon is not occupied by enemy units.

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