Convention Report – Convulsion (2000)

Convulsion Report By Greg Stafford

Convulsion was July 21 to July 24 in Leicester, England at one of it’s many university campus. The one right next to the *X pub.
Krarsht stole the name of the pub — Webmaster

It began as usual with a mass entertainment affair. Four teams had a couple of hours to prepare a skit of “This is Your Life” for different characters. They were Ghengis Kahn, Sheng Seleris, Elric and (my own team) Arkat. Then the groups enacted it for the assembled crowd to the great delight of all.

I spoke at a number of presentations. I hope that I spoke enough and didn’t distress too many people with the revelations that were brought up. I answered questions as best that I could and even shouted once. I apologize for any English feathers ruffled with the outburst, but I’ll say it again: “No one in Glorantha knows their numbers!” I usually like the Q&A and hope everone else enjoyed it too.

Plenty of Hero Wars games, spearheaded by the tournament done by the indefagitable pair of Martin Hawley and Simon Bray. Lots of other games too, and as always with serious emphasis on Chaosium games. And foremost of ocurse, the live action games that Convulsion is so noted for (Fall of the House of Malan.)

For myself, I had a good time conversing with anyone who I could, and a great time chatting with the cadre of European authors face to face. Twenty minutes of face time is a million times better than twenty minutes of email. The “sea books” have their keels laid, the forge is heated for the Loskalm players book, and all the barbarians of Prax and beyond are awake now. I spread out my Greatlands maps for the Prax group and set forth my ideas.

We had a GTA party, casual and nonexclusive but at least every member got their free beer. Madeline Eid provided food which had been prepared for the famous “Eat at Geo’s” competition but the contest wasn’t held this year. Because last time there were concoctions that the contributors would not eat and the tasters’ all decided it was out of hand. I can’t blame them. Despite the potential for the those strange-looking things being dangerous, it was all delicious as I know since I tasted it all. Except the octopus. GTA thanks you Madeline.

And I thank the staff again as well, all the other guests (it’s like old home day now, Rolston and O’Brien and Hall et al.) and the attendees who made it such a pleasure for me. Especially David Scott for his personal guidance across the wild trains of England, and for going to the zoo with me, and who has a way cool job at the Science Museum whichis another great tourist stop. And thanks to his landlady Annie too, for the place to sleep and spelendid hospitality.

I’ll plan to be there next time.

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