Dranz Goloi and the Voor-ash

Picture is actually of a Scythian nobleman/chieftain, but it is great inspiration (Artist Celestial Sentinel)

Dranz Goloi, the King of the Wings, is the leader of the Voor-ash confederation in the Redlands. They claim to know nothing of the Nights of Horror or any agreements with the Lunar Empire. They are originally from far beyond the Redlands in eastern Pent and many worship new Storm Gods.In 7/50 (1621), the first raids from the Voor-ash began. The native Oraya and Redland militia quickly crushed the impudent barbarians, who sulkily withdrew and returned a year later with a larger army. There was, again, a Lunar victory, in 7/51 (1622), but at much greater cost.In 7/53 (1624), the Voor-ash appeared in strength, allied with many lesser tribes to augment their army. The new confederation was led by Dranz Goloi, called the King of the Wings. The nomad warlord had sworn upon the Burning Spear to meet the Red Emperor in single combat.

The following year, Oraya fell, as did most of First Blessed and the Red Emperor was forced to personally thwart an attempt by Sheng Seleris to slip out of the Underworld. Pentan bands raided the outskirts of Raibanth, and deep into Imther and Holay.

Then in 7/54 (1625), the True Dragon rose in Dragon Pass, and the Lunar Army of the south was lost. Soon after, the Lunar army was routed by Dranz Goloi at the Battle of Diavizzi Ford in First Blessed. The Red Emperor ordered the remaining garrisons of the Lunar Provinces to be stripped and sent them to First Blessed to fight. The Red Emperor appointed his demigoddess Jar-eel the Artess to command the remaining imperial armies.

So if you ever wondered why the Lunar Empire seem unfocused on what is going on in Dragon Pass, well they kind of have bigger and more immediate problems right now.