In history, Dendara’s cult has remained important as the primary Pelorian and Pentan women’s goddess. She was revered by the Suns of the Son and the Pure Horse People, and called La-ungariant, First Wife of the Imperial Sun and goddess of women. Hers was one of the Ten Priesthoods established in the First Age by the first Dara Happan emperors and one of the Twenty deities recognized by name in the Second Age. In the modern Lunar Empire, her cult upholds both old tradition and the new ways of the Red Goddess. As the cult teaches, “there is great value to some of the Old Ways, for some things never change, even in New Times.”

She was the La-ungariant described in the Grazers chapter of the Composite History of Dragon Pass. However the Feathered Horse Queen revealed that there is more to her than just that, and that La-ungariant is a title of the Earth Goddess of Ernaldela – Ernalda.

This radically changed Grazer society, and is why they no longer really resemble the Pure Horse People of Pent (or of Second Age Prax).

I thought Dendara was just a face of Ernalda. So did the God Learners. But both Ernalda and Dendara stubbornly rejected that.

The God Learners were convinced that Dendara and Ernalda were the same entity, and even managed to transpose worshipers with no ill effects. But they never succeeded in getting either goddess to admit identity with the other.