The Royal Hunt


Much large game hunting in Orlanthi lands is not by full time hunters of the Odayla or Yinkin cults (although such people might be present). Kings and princes and others are expected to hunt to show courage, patients, skill with weapons and mounts, and ability to take life.

Wouldn’t the target of these hunts more often be Chaos rather than animals? Why would you want to hunt Chaos? because that shows a lot more courage, patience, skill with weapons and mounts, and ability to take life than hunting a tiger or an elephant.

it is also way more dangerous, much rarer (there isn’t that much Chaos in most of Sartar), doesn’t result in food or hides, and probably less fun.

Unless you are a Storm Bull cultist.

In Sartar I expect the aristocratic hunts are for boar, stags, sabretooth cats, and dinosaurs. If Chaos is found in tribal lands that’s a job for the king and a full- fledged war companions, not a hunt with martial themes.

The Royal Hunt