Sorcery Plans


I have lots of plans with sorcery. But I see no point in releasing a whole series of “generic” sorcery spells until we really have a vehicle where sorcery is more than just the plaything of Lhankor Mhy and Irrippi Ontor.

Sorcery is an intellectual and magical activity – INT and POW are always going to be the key foundations for a good sorcerer. It is also a specialisation. Generalists are not going to make powerful sorcerers – but that’s fine. You can conceivably use sorcery to do anything – there’s no restriction beyond coming up with the combination of Runes and Techniques and then creating a spell. And of course having enough time, mental room, and magic points to cast the spell at an Intensity you want!

Of course some sorcerers are going to figure out how to use their magic for showy destructive effect. And those are dangerous spells!

But in general, sorcerers are going to learn or create spells for whatever purpose their community (whatever that is) expects of them. After all, it takes a lot of workers to feed one sorcerer, several fighters to protect them, and at least one organiser to keep the workers and fighters from killing the sorcerer as they keep making stupid demands so they can figure out how to cast “adventuring spells”!

See how Malkioni society is logically organized around of the needs of maintaining sorcerers?