HeroQuest Glorantha is Shipping!

HeroQuest Glorantha is ready to be sent out!

You heard it here folks, the book completed printing yesterday and was transferred over to the fulfillment area of Bang Printing.

Rick just made the final payment and the books have been “released” to be able to be shipped. I just took the huge preorder list and emailed it off to Bang to send out. Usually I process orders one a time through their web interface (for faster shipping), but with the hundreds of preorders there was no way I was going to type them all in myself. It is way too time-consuming and I don’t want to mess up any orders.

I had to manually process almost all orders for the Guide of Glorantha when their system didn’t support batch importing of multiple-book orders, but now they do and that’s so many hours saved.

I know Robin Laws and Jeff Richard obviously get the main credit for the book, but this is the first book I’ve gotten writing credit on since I joined the Moon Design team. David Scott and I were heavily involved in the process, especially the samples of play and book structure.

So when will I get my book?

I know that is what you really care about, and I don’t blame you – I want my copy too! I expect that Bang will start processing orders after the weekend and begin sending them immediately. It will arrive within a week of being shipped for the US, and within two weeks for international customers. About 45% will go to US customers, with the next largest batches to the UK, France, Canada, Australia, Finland, and Germany.

So what is next?

Read the book, play HeroQuest Glorantha with your gaming group, both in-person and virtual. Tell us of your games and spread the word to your gaming friends that need to learn more about Glorantha.