Erenava Chan


Erenava Chan is the High Priestess of the Clearwine Earth Temple. She’s a good example of some of the tribal nobility in Sartar – born in 1596, her father was King Kallai (king of the Colymar tribe from 16013-1613) and her mother was high priestess of the Clearwine Earth Temple until 1613. When she was 17, her parents were exiled after Starbrow’s Rebellion, and Erenava Chan fled to the Holy Country (where her sister Erannina Chan was already). Her brother Kangharl became tribal king in 1615, but Erenava remained in the Holy Country.

She took lovers and several husbands in Nochet, was initiated into the deeper mysteries of the Earth Goddess in Ezel, and became an Earth Priestess in Nochet. She was an early supporter of Samastina and was in her household. She has three daughters, the eldest is by now 10 years old. Erenava Chan returned to Sartar sometime after the Battle of Pennel Ford and was chosen to be the High Priestess of the Earth Temple. She is connected by blood or marriage to many of the leading figures in her tribe. Her brother was killed in the Dragonrise, and her second cousin Leika was restored as tribal leader. Erenava is known to dislike and distrust Kallyr Starbrow, and supports her cousin Queen Leika and the Colymar tribe in general. She maintains regular contacts with Esrolia.

Art by the amazing Anna Orlova!

She even has ties to the Sartar Dynasty through her great-uncle Dunorl (who sits with Erenava Chan on the Colymar tribal council). So you can see these ties of kinship within the powerful families mean there are a few really well linked families that play a huge role in tribal affairs. Repeat this in the other tribes, and you can see the lesser nobility of Sartar.The Sartar Dynasty are a step higher than any of these families. But to lead the kingdom, the Prince needs to work with these families one way or another.