Legal Information

Jurisdiction and Law

Moon Design LLC is a Michigan limited liability corporation and is subject to the laws and regulations of the State of Michigan and the United States of America concerning privacy and data.

Terms and Conditions

Your application to register a user id will be granted subject to the following conditions:

  • That you apply using your real name.
  • That you will not post obscene or ilegal material.
  • That you grant a non-exclusive license to the site and it’s operators to publish, re-use and re-publish all material that you post. While efforts will be made to maintain attribution to you, this will not be guaranteed.
  • That you own all of the material that you post to this site or otherwise have the right to publish it under the above terms.
  • That you will not post abusive or defamatory material.
  • That all of your activity on this site will be tracked for operational reasons (see the privacy section below).


The site and it’s operators are concerned about personal privacy and will endeavour to protect all personal information held on this site. Specifically, none of the personal information will be sold, except in the case where one of the operators is sold in its entirety. However, given the widespread poor current state of website security, the site and its operators cannot guarantee that there will be no inadvertent or malicious exposure of personal information.

The personal information held on this site is limited to the information given by the user at registration and/or when purchasing from the site and includes the:

  • user id,
  • full name,
  • email address,
  • street address used for purchasing products, and
  • IP address used during your activity (this is captured to assist in the investigation of any breach of security or other abuse).


Purchases are made from Moon Design in Michigan, USA. Payment for purchases is made via PayPal and your credit card details are not input or stored on this website. Therefore, we do not require “secured” https sessions.

In some cases, fulfillment of orders may be provided from locations other than Michigan, USA.

Most purchases have an option to obtain a downloadable electronic version of a book. Electronic versions of books are available for 1 month after your purchase and may be downloaded a maximum of 3 times.

You must log in to allow the completion of any purchase. This allows you to you get access to your downloadable purchases and enables us to store sufficient information to allow the paper versions of a book to be shipped to you

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