SoloQuest - Revisited 
Seven More Encounters for Alan LaVergne's DreamQuest solo adventure

© 1997 by Michael O'Brien
Permission is freely given for personal gaming use.

I guess lots of people remember the three RQ2 solo adventure books by Alan LaVergne that Chaosium bought out long, long ago. The first in the series was SoloQuest (1982), which featured three solo adventures, "DreamQuest", "Phony Stones" and "Maguffin Hunt". Way back then I got a lot of enjoyment out of this book, particularly "Phony Stones" which lends itself well to a single player adventure. I GMed this several times for friends who were interested in the game.

However, the first adventure in the book, "DreamQuest", in which a solo player encounters a sequence of foes in a strange sort of minor - very minor! - 'HeroQuest', piqued my interest so much I actually wrote some more encounters for it. And the other day I found this stuff from 13 years ago in the darkest corners of my hard disk, so, for what it's worth, here it is!

For those of you who haven't seen Alan LaVergne's "DreamQuest", here's what is says in the prologue:

"Once upon a dream your god appears. You are asked to fulfill a mission, a symbolic reenactment of your god's conquests. In your dream you will attempt to defeat your god's enemies. Unlike most dreams, in those one there are real risks to run and real rewards to gain."

You then encounter four random foes from a list of 20, a bizarre grab bag of Gloranthan stock footage including a spear-weilding baboon, a high llama and rider, a dryad, a manticore, a "sensitive" rhino, a tusk rider on his tusker, a den of rubble runners, a sky bull, a "wizard", and a poisoned knife thrower, among others.

If you win through, you then get to fight a special encounter - a mirror image of yourself! If you win through, you get an increased chance to improve skills and POW gain, and one-use magic from your cult.

I actually intended to write 10 more, but seemed to have stalled at the lozengely-resonant 7. Any takers?

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