Mad Prax - Beyond Sun Dome 
The Player Characters

Yelanda Goldenlocks
A frustrated Sun Domer on the verge of rune lord status, if only her male colleagues would respect her for her mind and abilities.

Bob the Vrok Hawk
Yelanda's male-chauvinist allied spirit.

Melo Yelo
A strange baboon who's convinced initiation into the Yelmalio cult is his true calling. Shame nobody else does...

Mars Melus
Your typical Sun Domer farmer - loyal and stolid; a decent racist xenophobe.

Sarshas Yarallo
A Lunar tribune, who when he signed up to "see the world", didn't imagine that he'd end up stuck in a dump like Prax!

Yelanda Goldenlocks
Yelanda is one of the few women in the Yelmalio cult at the Sun Dome. Although women are not barred from progression in the Yelmalio cult, Yelanda has had to struggle hard against male prejudice to get this far. She is eligible for rune lord (Light Lady) status in the cult, but her applications have peremptorily refused by Lord Invictus, the Light Captain and senior rune lord of Sun County.

Yesterday, her frustration finally got the better of her, and she rashly challenged Lord Invictus to the Goldenhand Challenge, single combat - if she won, she would get his golden armour and her promotion. Clearly outclassed by the Light Captain, she lost, and is now recuperating from her humiliating defeat in the Temple hospital.

Roleplaying Notes
Your appearance conforms to the Sun Dome ideal, with long blonde hair and dark brown eyes. In fact, you're considered strikingly beautiful, though it irks you when people would judge you by your appearance instead of your abilities. This has helped drive you yourself on to where you are today, on the verge of Light Lady-hood (but for resistance by the males in the cult hierarchy). You miss genuine male companionship in your life, because it's always hard to tell what a man's real intentions are when he makes overtures of friendship; perhaps this explains your hot-temper. You hate the nickname "Goldenlocks", but it has stuck. Your role model and hero is Vega Goldbreath, the only female rune lord in the cult.

Yelanda is in a permanent, unlimited Mind Link with her allied spirit Bob. This means they can telepathically communicate with each other, and use each other's spells and magic points. They can even see through each other's senses with a Concentration roll (INT x3). INT- or morale-affecting spells cast against one of them passes through the Mind Link to the other, but each character gets a chance to resist with their own magic points.

What's Happening Now?
You were woken up in the middle of the night with a start by the Alarm Gongs, but the Hospital Healer wouldn't let you get out of bed. You spent an agitated time until dawn, listening to the crunching of feet on the gravel of the parade area, and spear hafts knocking against armour. Something big is afoot, but the Healer couldn't say what it was. You tried asking Bob, but he couldn't tell you much either. At dawn, one of the Count's orderlies came to demand your presence at the Meeting House and, ignoring the protests of the Healers, you pulled yourself painfully out of bed and hurriedly got your gear on. Maybe now you'll find out what all the excitement is...
Yelanda Goldenlocks

Human female, Age 24 
Acolyte of Yelmalio

STR 14 
CON 10 
SIZ 15 
INT 16 
POW 18 
DEX 20 
APP 18 

Move: 3 
Fatigue: 23 
Hit Points: 13 
Magic Points: 18 + 16 allied spirit 
DEX sr 1 + SIZ sr 2 = 3 
Dodge: 88 (-ENC) = 65%

19-20 Head 20 0/5 
16-18 L.A. 18-19 18/4 
13-15 R.A. 16-17 9/4 
12 Chest 11-15 18/6 
09-11 Abdm 07-10 18/5 
05-08 L.L 04-06 9/5 
01-04 R.L 01-03 9/5

Travelling Gear: Total Encumbrance = 23. Fatigue = 1 (24 - 23). Plate over linen on right arm, and legs. Shield covers chest abdomen and left arm. 

2H Spear with Shield SR-5 (1d10+1+1d4) A-103%
Javelin SR-1/5/9 (1d8+1d2) A-92%
2H Spear SR-5 (1d10+1+1d4) A-94% Parry (10) -91%
1H Spear SR-6 A-54% (1d8+1+1d4) Parry (10) -49%
Hoplite Shield SR-7 A-30% (1d6+1d4) Parry (18) -50%

Spirit Magic (90%): Light (1), Repair-2, Farsee-1, Fanaticism (1), Shimmer-3, Countermagic-2, Bladesharp-4, Mobility-2, (known by Bob) Dispel Magic-2, Endurance-1, Heal-5, Mindspeech-2, Glamour-3.

Divine Magic: Worship Yelmalio x1, Sunbright x1, Shield x2, Heal Wound x1, Divination x1, Extension x1, Catseye x1.

Skills: Climb 77%, Jump 69%, Swim 36%, Ride Horse 23%, First Aid 55%, Listen 91%, Scan 80%, Search 92%, Track 31%, Hide 51%, Sneak 67%, Ceremony 56%, 

Languages: Pavic 83/81, Firespeech 50/50. 

Yelmalio Gifts and Geases: Mastery (90%) of 1-handed spear; Raised DEX (3 points); Never speak to or help non-Light worshippers in any way, Never wear any head protection, Remain Celibate every Fireday, Never use a sword of any kind, Never use an axe of any kind, Never permit a horse to suffer needlessly.

Special Items: Yelanda's sole magical item - a matrix for the Lightwall spell, was taken as trophy by Lord Invictus after he beat her in the Goldenhand Challenge.

Bob the Vrok Hawk
Bob is a Vrok Hawk, one of the sacred birds of the Yelmalio cult. He was "awakened" (brought to full intelligence) by the sun god to serve one of his favoured disciples; in Bob's case, the acolyte Yelanda Goldenlocks. Despite this, Yelanda and Bob don't get on all that well. Why? For a start, Yelanda is a bloody woman, and, even worse, she doesn't even like hunting (it's been ages since Bob got to stretch his wings). Bob has to grudgingly admit that sharing the Mind Link bond between them is perhaps made bearable by the fact Yelanda is a "feisty broad who don't take no guff from nobody" and despite their mutual antagonism, the vrok hawk is fanatically devoted to his mistress's well being, if only to "keep her pretty head outa trouble". However, he couldn't do much when the silly girl challenged Invictus the Light Captain for his golden armour, and got quite literally pounded into the dirt for her trouble.

Bob sometimes gets cackles of derision from the other awakened birds, sitting on their bearded masters' brawny arms. This sometimes leads Bob into fights with the other birds, or performing reckless deeds to prove his bravado.

Roleplaying Notes
Despite the image of the noble hawk, you've got a broad, streetwise accent and your tongue is as sharp as your beak. You're always quick with a wisecrack or insult, and like calling people "Mack" or "Bub". It annoys the heck out of Yelanda when you call her "Goldie", so that's what you usually call her. You're cocky and irascible, and your geas "Speak only Truth to everyone" means you say exactly what's on your mind. Although Goldi likes you to sit pretty on her arm most of the time, you'd prefer to be winging it around somewhere, and you'll use any excuse to get away (awakened vrok hawks are never tethered or forced to wear the demeaning leather hoods of their unenlightened brethren).

Although vrok hawks can't really talk, the GM will let you get away with the occasional terse comment or quip in a high pitched squawk. However, for more complex conversation with anyone other than your mistress, you'll have to cast Mindspeech.

Bob is in a permanent, unlimited Mind Link with Yelanda. This means they can telepathically communicate with each other, and use each other's spells and magic points. They can even see through each other's senses with a Concentration roll (INT x3). INT- or morale-affecting spells cast against one of them passes through the Mind Link to the other, but each character gets a chance to resist with their own magic points.

What's Happening Now?
With your mistress out of action for a while, you got to spend the night in the Hawk Mews with the other cult birds, and there was the prospect of joining Invictus's hunting party tomorrow! This was all thrown out of whack by the sounding of the temple alarm at midnight. Between then and dawn, the rune lords and other cult nobs came to collect their familiars and birds, all kitted out in battle gear. Annoyed that you weren't part of the action, you slipped out of the Mews for a fly around. It seems that a large force were assembling and heading west towards the river. None of the birds you spoke to could tell you why, and Goldi wasn't much help, shut up in the Hospital. When dawn came you got a summons from Goldie to meet here in the Count's presence chamber and so (stopping only to swoop down and breakfast on a rat skulking near the granaries), you winged it to your mistresses side...
Bob the Vrok Hawk

Allied Spirit of Yelanda.

STR 02
CON 05 
SIZ 01 
INT 14 
POW 16 
DEX 34

Move: 1/12 flying 
Fatigue: 7 
Hit Points: 3 
Magic Points: 16 + 18 mistress 
DEX sr 1 + SIZ sr 3 = 4 
Dodge: 115%

01-20 Body 01-20 0/3

Claws SR-7 (1d2) A-55%
Peck SR-10 (1d3) A-38%
*Bob attacks with both claws simultaneously, and pecks 3 strike ranks later.

Spirit Magic (80%): Dispel Magic-2, Endurance-1, Heal-5, Mindspeech-2, Glamour-3, (known by Yelanda) Light (1), Repair-2, Farsee-1, Fanaticism (1), Shimmer-3, Countermagic-2, Bladesharp-4, Mobility-2.

Divine Magic (all one use): Heal Body x1, Dismiss Magic x1.

Skills: Dodge 115%, Scan 104%, Search 100%.

Gifts and Geases: Recover magic points at twice normal rate; Never eat the meat of horses, Speak only the Truth to everyone.

Special Items: Gold clasp around Bob's right leg is a matrix for Seek Sun Dome (3).

Melo Yelo

"Melo Yelo" is one really strange baboon. His baboon name is Garzeek, but the Sun Domers started calling him "Melo Yelo" and the name has stuck. Melo was drawn in from the Wastes by the glittering reflection of the Sun Dome temple's golden roof, and became an instant believer. Trouble is, although Melo wants to join, the racist light priests always chase him off. However, he's convinced the cult of Yelmalio is his true calling, and has been hanging around Sun County for a some time, hoping the priests will take pity on him. As a symbol of his earnestness, Melo has had himself completely shaven and his skin dyed bright yellow. He knows a few stock phrases of Firespeech, like "Shine, Son-Worshipper", "Dome Above!" and "Make me light, Brother".

Roleplaying Notes
You're like all baboons, man: laid-back and c-o-o-l (think of a Rastafarian and you'll get the picture). And you got rhythm (except when you're trying to walk on only your back legs).

What these humans get up to is pretty weird sometimes, but you figure if you just imitate what they do, you'll look like a good Sun Domer too. You know that Yelmalio forces them to obey all kinds of strange rules - like only eating birdmeat but not eggs, and being kind to horses (this is a real shame, 'cos you love to eat horse!) - so you'd better find out what these rules are and follow them too.

You're pretty handy with your teeth, but Sun Domers don't bite so you've gotta remember to use your spear (you sometimes forget in the thick of a fight). Sun Domers don't go around on all fours either, so try your best to stay on your back legs or perhaps on threes.

You really want to do something to impress those Sun Dome priests, so they'll let you become a Yelmalio for real. The painting yourself yellow trick didn't work, so what next?

What's Happening Now?
Dozing under a date palm just outside the temple gate, you got woken up by the Alarm Bells at midnight. You didn't know the Sun Domers got up to much at night, so you thought you'd scramble over the wall to find out. With everyone rushing about everywhere, putting on armour, getting into lines, shouting a lot, nobody took much notice of you until about dawn you wandered past a big long building that had lots of things in it that smelt good. One of the Sun Dome guys came at you with a spear, and despite your protestations of innocence, has marched you at spear-point into a big room full of gold and other fancy stuff. Maybe they're going to let you join the cult after all!
Melo Yelo

Baboon male, Age 27

STR 22
CON 13
SIZ 12
INT 12
POW 15
DEX 21
APP 04 

Move: 5 (all fours), 3 (on three legs), 1 (on hind legs) 
Fatigue: 35 
Hit Points: 13 
Magic Points: 15 
DEX sr 1 + SIZ sr 2 = 3 
Dodge 68% (-ENC) = 64%

17-20 Head 19-20 1/4 
14-16 L.F.Leg 17-18 1/3 
11-13 R.F.Leg 15-16 1/3 
08-10 ForeQ 10-14 1/5 
05-07 HindQ 05-09 2/5 
03-04 L.R.Leg 03-04 1/3 
01-02 R.R.Leg 01-02 1/3

Travelling Gear: Total Encumbrance = 4. Fatigue = 31 (35 -4). Leather skirt. 2-handed spear and gladius.

2H Spear SR-4 (1d10+1+1d6) A-60% Parry (10) -52%
Gladius SR-5 A-32% (1d6+1d6) Parry (10) -27%
Javelin SR-1/5/9 (1d8+1d3) A-52%
Sling SR-1 (1d8+1d3) A-43%

Spirit Magic (85%): Protection-2, Ironclaw-2, Light (1), Disrupt (1), Mobility-2, Slow-1.

Skills: Climb 106%, Jump 76%, Swim 56%, Listen 57%, Scan 46%, Track 71%, Hide 75%, Sneak 77%, Baboon Lore 23%, Human Lore 08%, Yelmalio Cult Lore 05%.

Languages: Baboon 33/--, Praxian 33/66 (knot-writing), Pavic 19/--, Firespeech 03/--. 

Equipment: Leather pouch contains 2 days supply of "baboon" food - nuts, berries, roots and a large, skinned water rat. Melo's spear has a strap attached to the shaft, so it can be slung if he wants to run on all fours.

Mars Melus

Mars is your typical Sun County farmer - stoic and loyal, maybe lacking a bit in humour, but an honest, decent fellow all the same, who works hard and loves his family - his dear wife Karla, and the kids; Haloric, the eldest (a boy, thank Yelmalio!) and the three girls, Kerin, Erryn and little Aleese. If he grumbles a lot, it usually only about the weather, and farmers everywhere grumble about the weather.

Mars has just begun his bi-annual cult service in the Sun County militia, and although he'd rather be back preparing for the first of the spring plantings, at least the duty he's been given (standing guard outside the temple cellars) should pass without danger or incident. When he's finished, he can return to his farm just outside of Yelm's Griddle and help his family get the crops sown in.

Roleplaying Notes
You epitomize all the Sun County virtues and faults. If you're unfriendly and distrustful of outsiders, it's only because they're impure and perverted, and not worthy of living in the Lands of the Sun. Especially the Lunars, what with their sophisticated ways. As for non-humans (such as baboons), they're little more than animals, and should be treated as such. As a loyal militiaman, gifted with mastery of the bow by Yelmalio, you are ready to obey the commands of those placed above you, but you owe it to your family to stay alive and healthy. Fortunately, the really dangerous jobs are given to the Sun Dome Templars, not mere militiamen such as yourself. Nevertheless, fighting and warfare is a man's job, to defend the womenfolk and children from harm.

What's Happening Now?
You were standing on guard duty at the rear cellar door when the temple alarm bells. "Sun Above!", you thought, "what could it be, a nomad raid? trolls attacking?" The sleepy-eyed temple cellarer later came to say all was fine, but spent the rest of the night supervising the loading of supplies down at the front entrance of the cellars. Meanwhile, you kept at your post. Close to dawn, you spotted a strange figure skulking around in shadows. When you challenged it, you found it to be that damn baboon whose always hanging the temple and making a nuisance of himself. Thinking he was probably trying to steal from the cellars, you've marched him into the Count's presence chamber for judgement...
Mars Melus

Human male Age 38 Initiate of Yelmalio

STR 14 
CON 16 
SIZ 12 
INT 14 
POW 11 
DEX 12 
APP 08 

Move: 3 
Fatigue: 30 
Hit Points: 14 
Magic Points: 11 
DEX sr 3 + SIZ sr 2 = 5 
Dodge: 50% (-ENC) = 37% 

19-20 Head 20 4/5 
16-18 L.A. 18-19 1/4 
13-15 R.A. 16-17 1/4 
12 Chest 11-15 1/6 
09-11 Abdm 07-10 1/5 
05-08 L.L 04-06 1/5 
01-04 R.L 01-03 1/5

Travelling Gear: Total Encumbrance = 17. Fatigue = 13 (30 - 17). Linen armour on all locations, cuirboilli helmet. Spear, hoplite shield, self bow and quiver of 30 arrows, 3 javelins (belong to Yelanda). 

1H Spear SR-7 A-44% (1d8+1+1d4) Parry (10) -37%
Hoplite Shield SR-7 A-19% (1d6+1d4) Parry (18) -46%
Javelin SR-3/9 (1d8+1d2) A-42%
Self Bow SR-3/9 (1d6+1) A-94%

Spirit Magic: Heal-1, Bladesharp-1, Light-1.

Divine Magic (one-use): Catseye x1, Sunbright x1.

Skills: Jump 46%; Swim 16% (-ENC), First Aid 34%, Listen 57%, Scan 43%, Hide 31%, Sneak 27%, Plant Lore 21%, Craft Wood 43%, Farming 59%, Human Lore 31%.

Languages: Pavic 31/--. 

Yelmalio Gifts and Geases: Mastery (90%) of self bow; Never seek shelter from Storm, Never flee or surrender to any Darkness creatures (eg. Trolls), Never eat any meat but bird meat.

Special Items: "Lucky" shadowcat paw charm - halves the wearer's chance of fumbling.

Sarshas Yarallo

Sarshas Yarallo is a junior member of the Lunar Governor's staff, and as such, gets called on to do all sorts of disagreeable tasks - such as being ordered to courier an important document just before you were due to go off duty (then waiting in the governor's cold antechamber for two hours while the message was being penned), and being sent off on horseback dash for the Sun Dome temple just as the sun was setting.

Roleplaying Notes
Like all good nobleman's sons, you're doing your stint as a Red Tribune in the army before moving on to brighter and bigger things. But by the Bat! how did you end up in Prax? The weather's lousy, the food stinks and the nightlife in Pavis is almost non-existent. It's even worse in Sun County; outsiders aren't even allowed to speak to any of the women, who hide their faces behind veils. As for the superior airs they put on; you'd think it was they who conquered us, rather than the other way round!

Although you're courageous and confident (and handsome), there's no point doing something gallant if there's no one of impressive rank around to see, right? (Unless she's pretty...)

What's Happening Now?
With fresh mounts at several points along the way, you got to the Sun Dome Temple around midnight, and then had a hell of a time getting admitted. When you finally got to see the Count, he read your message and immediately began barking orders. Gongs were rung and guys with bleary eyes were running all over the place, furiously strapping on their armour. In the pandemonium you seem to have been forgotten, and, tired, dirty and cold, having ridden half the night , you just curled up in a corner of the Count's meeting house under your cloak. The Goddess knows what the message said, but nobody wanted to answer your questions; maybe you'll find out in the morning...
Sarshas Yarallo

Human male, Age 26 
Initiate of Seven Mothers and tribune in the Lunar Army.

STR 14 
CON 14 
SIZ 17 
INT 14 
POW 13 
DEX 16 
APP 15 

Move: 3 Fatigue: 28 
Hit Points: 16 
Magic Points: 13 
DEX sr 2 + SIZ sr 1 = 3 
Dodge: 53 (-ENC 25) = 28%

19-20 Head 20 8/6 
16-18 L.A. 18-19 8/5 
13-15 R.A. 16-17 8/5 
12 Chest 11-15 8/8 
09-11 Abdm 07-10 8/6 
05-08 L.L 04-06 8/6 
01-04 R.L 01-03 8/6

Travelling Gear: Total Encumbrance = 25. Fatigue = 3 (28 - 25). Ringmail underneath cuirboilli armour. Scimitar, target shield, 3 darts clipped inside shield.

Scimitar SR-5 A-5% (1d6+2+1d4) Parry (10) -45%
Target Shield SR-6 A-23% (1d6+1d4) Parry (12) -56%
Dart SR-3/9 (1d6+1d2) A-48%

Spirit Magic: Befuddle (2), Speedart, Bladesharp-2, Heal-3, Strength-1.

Divine Magic (one use): Heal Wound x1, Madness x1.

Skills: Climb 66%, Jump 56%, Swim 34% (-ENC), Ride Horse 85%, First Aid 54%, Listen 57%, Scan 55%, Track 31%, Hide 41%, Sneak 27% (-ENC), Evaluate 37%.

Languages: New Pelorian 66/24, Pavic 29/--. 

Armour: Lunar Army issue: ringmail underneath cuirboilli.

Special Item: A chip of moon rock mounted on a silver pendant waxes and wanes as the moon does, and stores 11 magic points.


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