Daughters of Darkness

Review copyright © 1991, 1999 by Michael O'Brien

Author: Tony Hickey
Editing Production: Nick Atlas, Jean Baer
Illustrations: James Holloway, J.E. Randall, Dave Dobyski
Company/Publisher: The Avalon Hill Game Company
Cost: A$20.00 (original retail price)

Daughters of Darkness continues the poor standard of Avalon Hill's RuneQuest releases.  Like the execrable Lost City of Eldarad, it has a Gateway setting.  It comes as a card-covered book which is perfect bound (glued) rather than stapled, and may not hold up to extended use.  Then again, I doubt it will need to.

Daughters is written in a very simplistic style that is at least readable, but the layout is appalling: an endless series of double columns: no side bars, no boxes, no borders, no interest!  The illustrations also continue the poor standard set by Troll Gods or Elder Secrets.  Page 90 of Daughters features the most pathetic looking walktapus and jack-o-bear I have ever seen.  It'd be funny if it weren't so sad.

Set in yet another fantasy world, most of the action takes place on a huge peninsula.  The original manuscript was apparently a hefty work detailing 10 cities in this region, but had to be pared down to just one for space reasons.  On the back cover the reader is enticed with the promise of "9 scenarios".  One of these "scenarios" is shorter than this paragraph, and several others are not much longer.  The longest scenario seems to be unsubtle rip-off of both Moby Dick and 101 Dalmations.  I think I've said enough.

The wretched quality of these two releases must bring into question Avalon Hill's reputation as a credible producer of quality roleplaying products.

MOB's rating:  The MiG however, commends the book for its excellent incendiary qualities

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