Meints Index to Glorantha II

Review copyright © 1999 by Michael O'Brien

Author: Rick Meints
Company/Publisher: Reaching Moon Megacorp
Cost: UKP 8.00
Page count: 124
ISBN: I-898190-03-8

Gloranthaholic extraordinaire Rick Meints profiles just about everything from the entire Glorantha oeuvre in this, the second edition of his Index to Glorantha.

This update even features miniatures, and starts with Chaosium's earliest works in the 70's (White Bear & Red Moon), through the glorious 80s (RuneQuest's Pavis, Big Rubble, Borderlands etc.) and on to the Avalon Hill RQ3 products of the 90's.

Rick also details the wide range of magazines that featured RuneQuest and Glorantha material (ie. Different Worlds, White Dwarf, etc.), and the incredibly rich array of semi-professional and fan-based publications that have kept Greg Stafford's creation vibrant and alive over the decades (Tales of the Reaching Moon).

Rick includes often witty and acerbic but always-comprehensive descriptions of each item, and a damn useful index at the end.  The "What Never Was" boxes sprinkled throughout are interesting, describing a multitude of projects that were announced, but unfortunately never came to pass - no one seemed to miss 1981's putative "Ships and Sailing", but I think we all regret that "The X-rated Supplement" touted in 1979 (and said to only be available to "persons over 21") didn't ever appear.

The MiG will come in handy for Glorantha fans, especially collectors: over 100 cover art illustrations will certainly help track down what you're after.  Rick even includes a guide to prices you might expect to pay at a con auction - Griffin Mountain was originally priced at $15.95, but expect to pay up to $120 if you want it these days!

The Meints Index to Glorantha II is Reaching Moon Megacorp product.  See the Reaching Moon Megacorp Products Page on Nick Brooke's Home Page for ordering information.

The Meints Index to Glorantha II is an invaluable resource for Glorantha fans, featuring every product ever made about Greg Stafford's wonderful fantasy world.

MOB's rating: 1/2

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